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Service Tax Payable or Positive List

As per the new dispensation of Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Union Finance Minister here on June 20, 2012 there new 14 Service Tax-Exempt Negative List is included with which the total will be mount up to 38. Apart there 119 Service Tax Positive list which will Tax Payable. Which are furnished below.

Service Tax Positive List

  1. Advertising Agency Service
  2. Advertisement- sale of space or time services
  3. Air travel agent’s services
  4. Airport services
  5. Architect’s Services
  6. Asset Management Services By Individuals
  7. ATM operation, maintenance or management services
  8. Auction Service
  9. Authorized Service Stations for motor vehicles servicing or repairs
  10. Banking and other financial services
  11. Beauty treatment Services
  12. Brand Promotion Services
  13. Broadcasting Services
  14. Business Auxiliary Service
  15. Business Exhibition Service
  16. Business Support Service
  17. Cable Operator’s services
  18. Cargo handling Services
  19. Chartered Accountant’s (practicing) services
  20. Cleaning Services
  21. Clearing and forwarding agent’s services
  22. Clearing & processing house services
  23. Club’s or Association’s membership services
  24. Commercial training or coaching services
  25. Commercial use or exploitation of any event service
  26. Commodity exchange service
  27. Company secretary’s (practicing) services
  28. Construction of residential complex service
  29. Construction or renovation of commercial / industrial buildings / pipelines / conduits services
  30. Construction Services – Preferential Location and Development
  31. Consulting engineer’s service
  32. Convention services
  33. Copyright Services
  34. Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Service
  35. Cost accountant’s (practicing) services
  36. Courier Services
  37. Credit card, debit card, charge card or other payment cards related services
  38. Credit rating agency’s services
  39. Custom house agent’s services
  40. Design services
  41. Development & supply of content for telecommunication, advertising and on-line information services
  42. Dredging services
  43. Dry cleaning services
  44. Electricity Exchange services
  45. Erection, commissioning or installation service
  46. Event management Service
  47. Fashion Designer Service
  48. Foreign Exchange broking services
  49. Forward Contract Service
  50. Franchise Services
  51. Health club and fitness centre services
  52. Health Services
  53. Information Technology software services
  54. Insurance auxiliary services concerning general insurance business
  55. Insurance auxiliary services concerning Life Insurance business
  56. Insurance business services (General Insurance)
  57. Insurance business services (Life Insurance)
  58. Intellectual property services
  59. Interior decorator’s services
  60. Internet Cafe services
  61. Internet telecommunication services
  62. Investment management service under ULIP
  63. Legal consultancy services
  64. Lottery and other Games of Chance Services
  65. Mailing list compilation and mailing services
  66. Management or business consultant’s services
  67. Management, maintenance or repair services for goods, equipments or properties
  68. Mandap keeper’s services
  69. Manpower recruitment or supply agency’s services
  70. Market research agency’s services
  71. Medical records maintenance service
  72. Mining service
  73. On-line information and database access and/or retrieval services
  74. Opinion poll service
  75. Outdoor caterer
  76. Packaging services
  77. Pandal or shamiana services
  78. Photography services
  79. Port services by major ports
  80. Port services by other ports (minor ports)
  81. Program (T. V. or Radio) services
  82. Public Relation Service
  83. Rail travel agent’s services
  84. Real estate agent’s services
  85. Recovery agent’s services
  86. Registrar to an issue services
  87. Rent-a-cab services
  88. Renting of immovable property services
  89. Scientific or Technical Consultancy Services
  90. Security agency’s services
  91. Share transfer agent service
  92. Ship management services
  93. Site formation and clearance, excavation and earth-moving and demolition services
  94. Sound recording services
  95. Sponsorship service
  96. Steamer agent’s services
  97. Stock broking services
  98. Stock exchange service
  99. Storage and warehousing services
  100. Supply of tangible goods services
  101. Survey and exploration of mineral services
  102. Survey and map making services
  103. Technical inspection and certification services
  104. Technical testing and analysis services
  105. Telecommunication services
  106. Tour operator’s services
  107. Transport of coastal goods and transport of goods through national water way/inland water service
  108. Transport of goods by air services
  109. Transport of goods by road
  110. Transport of goods by rail service
  111. Transport of goods through pipeline / conduit services
  112. Travel agent’s (other than air or rail) services
  113. Travel by air services
  114. Travel by cruise ship service
  115. Underwriters services
  116. Video tape production services
  117. Works contract Services
  118. Hotel, Inn, Club and Guest House Service
  119. Restaurant service

Apart the above list of Service Tax there are 38 Tax Exempt services are there which includes newly added services of 14 which will be in effect from July 1, 2012.

Service Tax-Exempt Negative List

Here on June 20, 2012 Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Union Finance Minister included 14 more services under Negative list to skip them from the Service Tax Positive List under the new dispensation (special permission, especially from a religious leader, to do sth that is not usually allowed or legal) that is slated to come into effect from July 1.

14 New Services' Tax-Exempt Negative List to be added From July 1, 2012.

  1. Services provided by Advocates to other Advocates and Business Entities up to a turnover of Rs.10 lakh in the preceding fiscal and Law Firms.
  2. Companies engaged in construction of Metro Projects,
  3. Works Contract to schemes under JNNURM or Rajiv Awas Yojana.
  4. Entities providing Public Conveniences.
  5. Lending of Books, Publications or any other knowledge enhancing content or material by public libraries.
  6. Service provided to the Government, Local Authorities or a Government Authority for repair and maintenance of an aircraft.
  7. Auxiliary Educational Services and Renting of Immovable Property provided by educational institutions in respect of education.
  8. Metered Taxis, Transport of Good or Passengers
  9. Auto Rickshaws
  10. Betting
  11. Gambling
  12. Lottery
  13. Entry to Amusement Parks
  14. Electricity Transmission or Distribution by Discoms.

With the insertion of the above 14 Services the total Service Tax-Exempt Negative list goes up to 38. Other important services such as coaching classes and training institutions will come under the Tax Net, though it will not be levied on school, university education and approved vocational courses, Travel in first class and in air-conditioned rail coaches, too, will attract service tax. Hitherto, a total of 119 Services are under Service Tax Positive List were liable to pay Service Tax.

Here on July 10' 2012 Foreign Currency Exchange Service has been included under the Service Tax-Exemption Negative List learn more about it from Why Foreign Currency Remittance is Exempted Service Taxable Service?