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Top 3 Google Adsense Publisher Approval Tips

Google Adsense It is been made completed free to get approval for Google Adsense Account membership, most reliable to get paid online, and universally popular Ad Publishing Program. So, every one dreams to join the Google Adsense. If Google Adsense Moderators accepts all the application from the Website Publishers without considering website content as per the Google Adsense Policies, then how will be the future of Google Adsense? The Google Adsense attained such a good name, because of strictly following their Privacy Policy. If not followed such a rules most of the people will auto generate high revenue using the cheep trick and techniques using the Modern Technology. So wish the Google strictly follow their guidelines.

Why Google Rejecting Application from Bloggers?

It was the situations upto 2008 Google Adsense was accepting all the applications from even free Bloggers such as But most of the free Blogger Publishers were misusing the opportunity by deceiving the Google Adsense such as auto clicking events. It became against policies of Google Adsense. Since then Google started to reject the applications from the Blogger sites.

How Google Adsense Team come to know that i have Blogger?

Blogger Google Adsense simply rejects the applications from the Blogger sites such as,,, There are so many websites servers are providing this kind of free website designing services to its members. If you create a website under that site it will be created as sub-domain name such as, So, accountsguy website name is ending with Google Adsense accepts the applications form the top level domain names such www.AccountsGuy.Net not of sub-domain websites.

Why Google Adsense does not consider Newly Launched Websites?

Because the newly launched websites doesn't contain much content(information) on it. Google Adsense expects the visitors for your site. what the visitors expect from your site? information or services! So, It takes some time to add some content and to bring the visitors.

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