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My success story as Adsense Aspirant

In the Google Publishers world beginners strive to get their first cheque from Google Adsense. They dream, work hard for the first Adsense earning. Like wise i too understood the adsense techniques to understanding the success stories of so many publishers behind adsense. It too nearly one year two months time to earn the first 100 Dollars from the Google Adsense. Most of the adsense aspirants would think that why this guy took this much time to get his first earnings. Come here to know about the reason behind the story.

I was learning about online earning since 2009. I told you all the mistakes i did and warned you not to do the same in your life in my Genuine words about Online Earning article. It took me about 2 years time to understanding the strategy of the Bux and Pay Per Click websites and Paid Survey sites. Finally i came to know those sites are the robbers of the valuable time of the people. 

In 2010, i came to know that there are some advertising companies who earn money by publishing their clients' products and services on the net. For this task these companies recruit the content publishers who have the websites and blogs. First i tried Bidvertiser and started a blog and monetized my blog with the Bidvertiser ads. It was not a fair remuneration for my effort. In the process i found Google Adsense. I tried for the Google Adsense apporval but i failed to get the approval. The reason for not getting adsense approval was that i was not having my own Domain Name. Later i found the Top 3 Google Adsense Approval Tips

In November 2011, i brought a Domain Name for adsense approval, then i got the approval without rejection. Since then i started monetized my site AccountsGuy.Net with Adsense. There were only few posts in my blog at that time and not well optimized. I was altering my site and content since then. And i am an Accounts Professional; due to auditing, and loan processing work for 6 months i was not concentrated on my website. Therefore, finally i took 1 year 2 months time to get my first Adsense Cheque. You can find here my first Adsense payment details.
is the founder of AccountsGuy.Net with the view of providing Accounting and Technical support using Accounting package Tally ERP 9, and Office Tools to the people. I write articles on Accounts, Blogging, Computer Operating, and technical issues and some of my experiences on them for students, beginners. Follow our Networks or sing-up for the email newsletter below for your daily dose of Tips and Tricks.
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