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My first Google Adsense Cheque - See here.

Thanks for your reading my articles since my experience about Google Adsense to the current article. To day i am really very glad to announce you all that i have got my first Google Cheque for my participation in Adsense program. In the earlier article i unveiled my Adsense Account Statement. It was 25th February 2013 there my Adsense Home page. Since, then i have waiting for the cheque. Finally it reached my door step on 11th March 2013, Monday by a delivery boy from Blue Dart Courier Service.

I have shown my original Adsense cheque with letter beside. In the top you can find the Blue Dart label. And on Top right corner it shows that it came from Google Inc., USA to my Address situated in India. Even though the payment is calculated on 25 February as shown in the Adsense Home page, the actual cheque has been prepared and issued on 27th February 2013 which is printed on the paper.

And in the botton you can find the Citi Bank cheque in favour of my name +Venkateswarlu Kake with an amount of Indian Rupees 5,724.75 paise. And i have deposited the cheque bearing No. 331396 on 12th February 2013 into my SBI Bank account in my local area. Waiting for the clearance. If the Citi Bank is there in my location it would be cleared as local cheque within 2 days otherwise it would be cleared as outstation cheque within 7-15 days.

For the security purpose i have hidden some sensitive parts of the letter like my signature, address, ids etc. So many people might found that it is a fake one. You can the original video that i have shot using my Nokia C5-03 smart phone.

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