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Google Adsense Personal Identification Number(PIN)

Google Adsense Support Team takes precautionary measures for the safety of their Publisher before making the first payment to them by sending a Google Adsense Personal Identification Number know as Google Adsense PIN. If you new to Google Adsense and your Finalized Unpaid Earnings reache about $10 (The threshold would vary in future.) your payment will be set for hold to affirm your address before sending the the Cheque. And they will send you a PIN number through Priority Airmail Post to your Address directly from the Google Adsense Support, USA.

It would take about 3-6 weeks or more to reach the address based on geographical locations. I got my PIN Number after 8 weeks i.e. about 2 months. Wait for 2 weeks more on the specified period, if you  still not get post you can again request the PIN Number. Be sure about your Address provided, while requesting for a PIN.

After you get the Google Adsense PIN you need to do the following taks
  • Sign In to your Google Adsense Account.
  • In the Home Screen you can see an alert message in Red Background as shown below. Just click on More Details link.
  • You will be navigated to Payments Screen as shown below click on Please Enter your PIN link.
  • And Enter your PIN which you received from Google Adsense Support through Courier/Post in the Box provided.
  • You can see the message as you successfully confirmed your address.
  • And your payment On Hold will be removed that you can see in your Home screen as shown below.
If you enter the wrong PIN for 3 times your Adsense Account will be blocked so, be careful. Now there is not problem and worry at all for your Earning from Google Adsense. It was a boost for me to work more harder to earn more money from Google Adsense.

Happy Adsensing
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