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Buy a Domain Name for Adsense Approval

Publishers think about purchasing a Domain Name from the Web Hosting Service Providers. It is quite common thing that most of the new bloggers use the free Content Management Systems such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla and much more. Almost half of them create blogs with the intention of earning money by Publishing the Advertisements in their Blogger sites. One of such a good way to earn money is from Google Adsense publishing program. As it is most popular and being used by the 90% of the publishers in the world. It is accepting the applications mostly from the publishers from the Own Domain Websites and not the Free Websites like one hinted above.

Since last few years Google Adsense is strictly following to give permission to the new publishers who have their own domain name like And rejecting the applications of the new publishers who have the down-line websites like

As the google adsense is the one and only genuine publishers choice to earn money. It costs only few dollars or only few hundred Indian Rupees only, which you can gain with in a month from your domain. Believing that earning money online without investing money is not a fair and reliable thought and i suggest you to buy a domain from Domain Name Service provides like godaddy or bigrock. If you are staying in Indian and don't have the credit card you can purchase here a domain name from with a discount or can get a free domain from if neither having credit card or staying in the rest of the world.

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