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Pay Electricity Bill Payment with Net Banking

e-Governance made lifestyle of the people better than never before, you can pay your utility bills like Power, Telephone, Mobile Phone, Gas and much just with a single click of mouse from your house or office. You no need to fraud your boss for half day leave for paying your electricity bill. No need to stand in a Q for hours in the month end payments. Just have a Net Banking Account and pay your bill. You no need to pay payment charges to e-seva centers or any agents. I have done it and it saved my time and money. Indeed, i am saving the environment by sparing a piece of paper from my account. Don't you believe i just pay the bill with my SBI Net Banking and just note down the transaction code in the electricity bill paper itself.

Pay your Electricity Bill using your Debit Card or Net Banking

As i am staying in the Andhra Pradesh i am domenstrating here APCPDCL bill payment. The payment process would be similar to other states as well. If you find any doubt you comment and definitely i will assist you. Lets start here just click APCPDCL website to open. Find the Pay a link like Pay Your Bill. After that select your District and ERO location and and enter the Service Number which you can know using your Bill received from the department personnel at your home. If you are paying the current month arrears you can select Current Payment option of you want to pay in advance you can select Advance Payment option for Type of Payment. After that Click on the Verify the Bill Payment button to confirm the details before paying. After click on submit button. Not in the payment screen select the Payment mode, either from Card or Internet Banking. In the next screen you need to select the your bank from the list of the banks and click on submit.

Pay using the Debit Card

If you have choosen the Debit Card you have to pass your card details like card number, CVV2 Number and type of card. In the final screen you need enter your password of your card for the Secure Transaction.

Pay using Net Banking

If you are paying using your net banking you will be diverted to the login screen of your bank website and provide the necessary secure details and make the payment.

Why don't you put your hands for the better society. Use the technology in the proper and secure way and get things done faster and smarter.

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Good information about electricity online bill payment . Thanks for sharing video . it is easily understood everyone

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