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Paid Online Surveys will pay you?

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Paid online surveys are one of the finest way to earn money online as many sites are saying. But come to the real experience what is the actual online cash that we can earn by participating surveys is the important point that one must know. There is different effect on the earning scale to the member that they belong to geographically. Yet it is absolutely true if you are the resident of USA, Canada, or UK you would get high income, where as in other location in the world would get low payment for the surveys. Now there would be some doubts in your mind. just clear them here itself. and read on this article.

Are Survey Websites Genuine or Fake?

Absolutely there are much more fake Survey websites than genuine survey websites in the industry. They simply steel the valuable time of the members after finishing the survey they give a simple message "You Are not Eligible for this Survey" or even you can't withdraw the funds even you reach the threshold.

Should i Pay Money to get paid online Surveys?

There are many more websites asks you pay the subscription charges to get more surveys every day to your mail id and you would get more money than free members do get. Those sites play tricks like showing the testimonials of the members, Paid Cheque proofs to convert you into the paid survey member. So, be smart towards those kind of sites. You would lose money if you pay?

Will i Get Only Menoy/Cash for my Surveys?

You are not supposed to expect to get money from Survey websites. There are different kind of websites based on the remuneration that they provide to their members. You would get any combination or any one of the following for participating in the survey websites. 
  1. Directly Money credited to your account (not Bank Account).
  2. Points, which can be converted to money or for Participating in Sweepstakes.
  3. Participation in Sweepstakes.
  4. Gift Vouchers from any websites for online purchase.
  5. Or any other Gifts. (might be of other countries then how you get them).
As of my personal experience it not the good way to earn money online. Because you get about $1 - $3 by participating for 1 hour time and reading the long surveys. And you don't get much Surveys from the websites. Some websites asks you pay money for getting more money.

So, don't lose your valuable money and time. Be smart and brave before trapped by those site. If you really want to make money from your leisure time then read my articles about Online Earning.
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