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Is Pay Per Click site way to earn money online?

When you are the beginner in the Internet Online Earning, most of the people search short cut methods for ways to make or earning money from home. Almost every one would be trapped by Bux or Pay Per Click (PTC) sites as i did that pitfall in the beginning stage. I don't want this happen to you my dear friend. I have wasted most my time by registering and working for those websites. I was getting about 1% revenue share from the websites. If you are really want to earn money i tell you the secret how you can earn money with in a month of starting the  online strategy. If you still not yet believed my words read this article completely and my experience in this way.

How could you believe that you earn money without investing?

Try to understand that how can you make money in internet without spending a single penny. Most of the sites likes, NeoBux, Buxify say that you can earn money by click ads in their websites and referring more people under you.

Website would windup when you reach the threshold!

Even most of the people write praise words about those websites in the internet. Shows their earning. My dear friend don't get registered in those websites. You need to work on those websites for years, in the mean time most of the PTC sites wind up. Because i have faced this kind of situations when i was working for Smith Bux.

Can not withdraw even you reach the Threshold.

Some other websites give you nice earning like 1000 Dollors for a click and minimum threshold $ 1,00,000 to withdraw. Some website like RichgoPTR where you get like this kind of offer. Daily you would be afford 7 links per day $7000 and you work for 15 days to reach the target. So, enthusiastically you work daily. They earn with your effort. When you reach the target you will see the link to withdraw but can't get the payment even after 1 to 2 months.

Finally i prefer you not to take this wrong step and follow my blog for the best way to earn money. You would think my blog also like Bux website. No not at all i show you the one and only genuine way to earn money. I don't earn money with your effort like the bux sites.

And might a doubt would scratch your brain. Why this guy is making a favouring for us? The only answer is i need the followers and not money. When i have the genuine visitors i get the money. When i work with a good cause then the success will become my slave.

So, Lets start the journey in the genuine way.
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