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Wrong Adsense Report, Since April'2013

Dear Adsensers, it is really a big mistake done by the Adsense Team since April, 2013. Might be the reason that the system maintenance or something else going in Google Adsense. Upto last month my adsense account was getting a fail earnings from Hosted Adsense for Content. And this is the report of my last month i.e. March, 2013 report.

Adsense for Hosted Content Report Mistake in 2013

As you seen the above report there is no Estimated earning for Adsense for Hosted Content, but adsense shows the Adsense for Content and Adsensense for Search correctly. Regarding this issue CFWheeler has posted a Question in the Google Products Forum. I have joined this and some many are facing this kind of problem as well.

Before April' 2013 there is no any mistake by the Adsense which reveals the below report.

Adsense for Hosted Content Shows correct before April'2013
In the above March Report you can see the correct Estimate Earnings for Adsense for Hosted Content. I hope Google would solve this mistake soon for the better publishers society. And apart that i have send a feed back to the Google Adsense Team you find that how i sent in the next article How to Send FeedBack to Google Adsense Team.
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