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How to Add Adsense Ad Units in your Blogger

In Google Blogger you can display Adsense Ads either directly pasting the Adsense Script Code either in the XML Template of your Blog or using the Layout feature. To add the Adsense Script directly in the XML Template you must have the fundamental knowledge over HTML and Java Script and it is the risky process. If any disturbance is done to the XML Template the entire blog will not work and again you need to start from the beginning.

In order to add the Adsense Script first of all you must have Google Adsense Publisher Account. after that

  1. Reach the Layout section of your blog.
  2. Click on Add a Gadget hyperlink to incorporate the Adsense Ads in your blogger.

Using the HTML/Javascript Gadget

Click on HTML/Javascript or Plus(+) sign from the list in Add a Gadget window and that will direct you to the Configure HTML/Javascript window. Now switch to your Google Adsense Account click on My ads tab and copy the Ad Unit code. Now come back to the Configuration HTML/Javascript window paste the Ad Unit code in the Content box. If you want to give any title for this element mention in the Title box and click on Save button.

Using Adsense Gadget

If you are not good at the above process blogger has Adsense gadget. Before that you must Associate your Adsense Account with Blogger. Just click on the Adsense gadget. In the Configure Adsense window select the Adsense Format Type, Colors settings for the Ad Unit and click on Save button.

Both the methods are the correct ways of implementing Adsense Ads in blogger. If use the Ad Unit code you can see the performance of the Ad Unit in the Adsense Reports tab, where as it will not be available in the second method.

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