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Optimization Tips for Asynchronous Adsense Code usage

Google Adsense is the major source of revenue for most of the Publishers and Bloggers. When we implement more than one Ad Unit it would kill the site speed. There is way to implement more than 1 Ad Unit in your site without losing your site speed and performance and your visitors will still love to visit your site.

  1. Use the latest Asynchronous Ad Code and help your blog to run smoother and faster.
  2. Try adding the Loading element i.e. the first Java Script element in the top of all the pages most preferably in the HEAD tag.
  3. Never put anything in between the Container and Pushing elements let them be together.

With the anatomy of the Google Adsense Script we can split the code into two parts one is the common thing for all the Ad Units and another is the unique for each and every Ad Unit. If we can find that and segregate that into our website source code we can reduce the Ad Display time therefore automatically our website performance will not lose.

We have already understood the Google Adsense Ad Code that the Async code has been classified into four elements. Here i have divided these four element into two parts.

  1. Universal Script
  2. Local Script

The Loader element in the async code is called as Universal Script. Because, this script is common for all the Ad Units we create in our Adsense account. So, we can reduce our script code by keeping only one loader element for all the Ad Units.

The Comment element is an optional one as it is the HTML Comment. You can remove it from the Ad Code or keep it. It will not effect the Adsense Code.

And the Ad Container and Pushing Script elements are called as Local Scripts. The Ad Container elements is unique for every Ad Unit. And the single Pushing element will only injects the Ad in the only one Ad Container preceding it. So, we have to keep these two elements as it is.

This approach is experimented in my blog and it was success. And you to try this method in your website or blog to optimize it further to load faster.

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