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Request for Google Adsense Cheque Reissue made easy

You can see your latest Cheque issued status in the Payments screen in your Google Adsense account. About 20-40 days you get your Google Adsense Cheque in normal circumstances. And that will be cleared in you Bank Account by presenting the Cheque at your local Bank for clearance. It takes from 3 to 20 days time to credit in your Bank Account. This is the normal process of encashing your Google Adsense Cheque.

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But in some situations your cheque will not clear within the validity period of the cheque. This happens due to Banking rules or their mistakes like one happened to me when i was presented the cheque at my Bank for clearance. The Banker while sending the cheque for outstation clearance he misplaced the figures of the MICR Code of the Google Adsense Cheque. He was misplaced the cheque and given me after 3 months. Due to the Banker mistake and his negligence the cheque is uncleared.

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Then i searched how to request the Google Adsense for reissuing my outdated cheque. Then i posted a query in Adsense in English Forum, in the same day i got the reply for my query. All i have to complete Requesting a cheque reissue with complete details of your Google Adsense Account Information and Cheque Details.

Soon, you will get mail from Google regarding your action. They will credit the same amount to your Google Adsense earning within 15 days as Cheque stopped - earnings credited back. The same amount along with any additional earning will be issued in the next payment period.

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