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Customize ad size using the Custom Ad Size Ad Unit

Google Adsense has recently launched a new kind of Ad Unit called Custom Ad Size under Other - Custom Ad size. To meet the requirements of the publishers for displaying ads according to their ad space size, it released. Since its inception in 2003, it has supported recommended Ad sizes from 300x250 - Medium Rectangle to 160x600 - Wide Skyscraper and various other Ad sizes in Ad Units category. Every body has to adopt only these ad units until now irrespective of their Ad Space available in there website. But time turned for publishers, you can customize your own Ad Size with the help of newly released Custom Ad Size ad unit.

Earlier this customizing facility was available only for Premium Adsense Publishers and not for the general publisher. Now the common publishers have got the opportunity to have this feature as equal to the Premium Publishers. Let me explain

Why should i use Custom Ad Size

In one of my blogs i have to display the Ad Unit just above the article content and the width of the article content is 556 pixel. None of the recommended or other types of Ad Sizes meat my Ad Space. Hence, in this case i can use the newly released Custom Ad Size ad unit. Just specify the width and height dimensions of your ad in Pixels.

Will Adsense display blank space if specified Custom Ad Sized Ad not available?

Good question, and the answer is simple An Alternative Ad. Obviously, Adsense will display the next possible ad size for your Custom Ad Size ad unit. Suppose i have 500 x 250 pixel Custom Ad Unit and there is no ad available for that ad space then Adsense will display less that or equal to the ad sized ad unit within the bounds of the ad space that you created, might be 300 x 250 pixel. And that Medium Rectangle will be center aligned and the empty space will be filled with white color.

Creating the Custom Ad Size ad unit is similar as you created the other Ad Units in the Adsense but you need to choose Custom Ad Size under Other - Custom Ad size as i already said in the beginning of the article. and need to specify the width and size of the Ad Unit and the rest of the setting are same as creating an Ad Unit in Google Adsense My Ads page.

While creating ad unit you find a notice that it has small size of ad inventory and it recommends you to use the Responsive Ad Unit.

Policies and Restrictions to implement Custom Size ad unit

Yet Adsense has kept certain policies and restriction to keep the better user experience on the top. It set restrictions on minimum and maximum sizes for your Custom Ad Size ad unit.

  • Only one dimension can be greater than 300 pixels
  • The minimum width is 120 pixels
  • The minimum height is 50 pixels
  • Neither height nor width can exceed 1200 pixels.

If we have designed an ad outside bounds of the above points it wont appear when we use such an ad unit in our blog or website.

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