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Google shutdowns the Google Reader - Alternative?

After a long time i started the Google Reader to look out my feeds. When i opened the Google Reader it alerted me with a message that Google is going to shutting down the Google Reader on July 1st 2013. It was announced in Google's Official Blog on March 13, 2013; in article called a Second Spring of Clearning.

Google Reader Showdowns on July 1, 2013

As per Mr. Urs Hölzle, SVP Technical Infrastructure and Google Fellow it tells the reason that the is

It was launched in 2005 to make it ease for people to discover, read, and keep tabs of their favourite websites. But over the years usage has declined, hence we will retire the Google Reader on July 1st 2013.

Being a Blogger and small web publishers i saddened by this news that Demise of Google Reader. after reading the above official announcement i hurried myself to find the best alternative for Google Reader. I have only two months time in my hand to round the web for the best alternative to transfer my RSS Subscribers and RSS Feeds.

This website has 67 RSS Subscribers, earned over a year. Majority of this website subsribers are using the Google Reader to subscribe to the RSS Feed. The Subscribers the backbones of the blogs so, we lose the them as the Google Reader no more there after July 1st 2013. Hence, we need to take proper steps to keep hold on our subscribers.

Website Feeds in Feedly Web Based Application

As one way shutdowns there the second way opens up. There are quite few more Google Reader alternatives. But i loved Feedly alot. You can keep track of all your favourite websites, Podcasts and even Youtube Channes in a single place. It has advance multi-layout options. And transfers the websits into pocket-size cards with quick loading and easy to read. You can syncronize the article in your Phone, Tablet, or Computer and even can share through Google+, Faebook, and Twitter. It is available as web-app just like Google Reader, it has even app for iOS and Android. And other web based alternatives include Bloglines (yes, they are still around), Feedspot (the UI is very Reader-esque), Old Reader (minimalistic) and NewsBlur (open source).

So, it is the time to say good bye to Google Reader and invite the new RSS Reader.

Activate SMS Service in Gmail Chat

Basically i am Gmail user and have my friend too in my contacts. We regularly chat and e-mail very seldom. It was a tough time when i wanted to pass an urgent information when he is offline. I am not comfort to sent SMS using my Smart Phone Nokia C5-03 so i have to connect my Mobile to my Personal Computer to send SMS or i need to register in any one of the Free SMS Servicing websites. I was preferring the second one. After that i was getting so may telemarketing Calls and SMS's to my mobile.

One day i saw an unexpected option from the GMail service that we can send SMS's to our contacts directly from the Chat widget in the Gmail screen. That is true. Do you want to enable this for your Gmail Account. So, lets see the procedure for setting up this kind of service in Gmail.

For all you need to have a Gmail Account from Google Inc., if you don't have account can create a new account from here GMail.

  • Just Click on the Gear Icon (shown on right side) you can see a few options.
  • From the list click on Settings option.
  • You can see number of option under Settings like General, Labels, Accounts and Import etc., Just find out the Labs and click on the Labs option.
  • In the Search for a lab text field enter SMS you can see SMS in Chat Lab for your gmail account.
  • Just click on enable option and Save the Changes.

You can see a gear icon on upper right corner of your gmail account when ever you sign in to your Gmail account.

After all your gmail account will be reloaded and just go to Chat widget in Gmail Screen and just scroll the Cursor over your existing contact under Chat widget. You can see a button with More. just click on it and select Sent SMS option. and select the Country the contact persons mobile operator belongs and enter the Mobile Number and save it.

Now you can continue you chat with your friend when you are offline.

Applicable Income Tax slab rates for the financial year 2013 and 14

The Union Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram has not made any changes in the Income Tax Slab rates in the Union Budget 2013 -14. He has produced the slab rates unchanged and made some relief to the tax payers who lies between 2-5 lakh slab rates. An amount of Rs. 2,000 will be given as Rebate u/s 87A of Income Tax Act, 1961.

  1. Individuals and HUFs
  2. Senior Citizens
  3. Very Senior Citizens

Individual (Below 60 Years) and HUF





Amount upto 2,00,000



2,00,001 to 5,00,000

10% on Net Taxable Income


5,00,001 to 10,00,000

10% on Slab ii + 20% on Net Taxable Income


10,00,001 and above

10% on Slab ii + 20% on Slab iii + 30% on Net Taxable Income

Senior Citizens (Between 60 and 79 Years)


INCOME SLAB (per annum)



Amount upto 2,50,000



2,50,001 to 5,00,000

10% on Net Taxable Income


5,00,001 to 10,00,000

10% on Slab ii + 20% on Net Taxable Income


10,00,001 and above

10% on Slab ii + 20% on Slab iii + 30% on Net Taxable Income

Very Senior Citizens (Between 60 and 79 Years)


INCOME SLAB (per annum)



Amount upto 5,00,000



5,00,001 to 10,00,000

20% on Net Taxable Income


10,00,001 and above

20% on Slab ii + 30% on Net Taxable Income

For Illustration about the Tax Calculation visit 2012-13 Tax Slab rate.

City Temperature in Google Search

As the temperature is rising up day by day here in Google Search Engine you can find your location temperature in the front screen not going to any website to see that. Amazing result for you for entire a week. You can the heat in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. And as well you can find the whether cloudy or not, Precipitation, and Wind for consecutive 9 hours.

Search Temperature in Google Search

Just go to the in you browser and type Temperature In Kurnool. here replace the Kurnool city with your town or city name. Even you can directly type in your google chrome address bar without going to the

My first Google Adsense Cheque - See here.

Thanks for your reading my articles since my experience about Google Adsense to the current article. To day i am really very glad to announce you all that i have got my first Google Cheque for my participation in Adsense program. In the earlier article i unveiled my Adsense Account Statement. It was 25th February 2013 there my Adsense Home page. Since, then i have waiting for the cheque. Finally it reached my door step on 11th March 2013, Monday by a delivery boy from Blue Dart Courier Service.

I have shown my original Adsense cheque with letter beside. In the top you can find the Blue Dart label. And on Top right corner it shows that it came from Google Inc., USA to my Address situated in India. Even though the payment is calculated on 25 February as shown in the Adsense Home page, the actual cheque has been prepared and issued on 27th February 2013 which is printed on the paper.

And in the botton you can find the Citi Bank cheque in favour of my name +Venkateswarlu Kake with an amount of Indian Rupees 5,724.75 paise. And i have deposited the cheque bearing No. 331396 on 12th February 2013 into my SBI Bank account in my local area. Waiting for the clearance. If the Citi Bank is there in my location it would be cleared as local cheque within 2 days otherwise it would be cleared as outstation cheque within 7-15 days.

For the security purpose i have hidden some sensitive parts of the letter like my signature, address, ids etc. So many people might found that it is a fake one. You can the original video that i have shot using my Nokia C5-03 smart phone.

My first Adsense Payment Statement is hear!

Adsense Home screen of First Earning
After you had read my success story of Google Adsense, i want to show you how does my Adsense Account would look like. Before that i got the Adsense PIN from Adsense team for my address confirmation before they issue a cheque in my name. On February i found a glitter in my Adsense Account home page. It was amazing and most happiest news for me that i get my first earning from adsense that is $106.27 dollars. which you can see in the beside screen. In the screen, right side you can see Most Recent payment of $106.27 under Finalized earning. When i click on Details link i navigated to the below screen.

Adsense Last issued payment screen

It was so happy that my first payment issued on 25th February 2013 and earnings calculated upto January month. I am living in India and i need the Indian currency, if the cheque is issued in foreign currency it could take 20 to 30 days time to get cleared from my bank and even charges also levied. By god sake Google Adsense has issued in Indian currency itself. I came to know that after clicking view details in payment history. I scrolled down to the February month i saw the below screen.

Google Adsense Payment history Screen

with the screen i was getting exactly 5,724.76 Indian Rupees with a conversion rate of Rs. 53.870 per $1. I was estimated about 4,000 rupees but i got much more than that. I wanted to share this news with my mother and friends so that i printing the statement by clicking Statement of Earning link.

It has been issued in my name from USA and reaching me through Blue Dart to my home. Through a search i came to know that Google Adsense is sending the cheques to Indians through Blue Dart Courier. It is going to get me in a couple of days. Dam sure i show you my cheque and just follow me or my site in social networks and wait for the article.

My success story as Adsense Aspirant

In the Google Publishers world beginners strive to get their first cheque from Google Adsense. They dream, work hard for the first Adsense earning. Like wise i too understood the adsense techniques to understanding the success stories of so many publishers behind adsense. It too nearly one year two months time to earn the first 100 Dollars from the Google Adsense. Most of the adsense aspirants would think that why this guy took this much time to get his first earnings. Come here to know about the reason behind the story.

I was learning about online earning since 2009. I told you all the mistakes i did and warned you not to do the same in your life in my Genuine words about Online Earning article. It took me about 2 years time to understanding the strategy of the Bux and Pay Per Click websites and Paid Survey sites. Finally i came to know those sites are the robbers of the valuable time of the people. 

In 2010, i came to know that there are some advertising companies who earn money by publishing their clients' products and services on the net. For this task these companies recruit the content publishers who have the websites and blogs. First i tried Bidvertiser and started a blog and monetized my blog with the Bidvertiser ads. It was not a fair remuneration for my effort. In the process i found Google Adsense. I tried for the Google Adsense apporval but i failed to get the approval. The reason for not getting adsense approval was that i was not having my own Domain Name. Later i found the Top 3 Google Adsense Approval Tips

In November 2011, i brought a Domain Name for adsense approval, then i got the approval without rejection. Since then i started monetized my site AccountsGuy.Net with Adsense. There were only few posts in my blog at that time and not well optimized. I was altering my site and content since then. And i am an Accounts Professional; due to auditing, and loan processing work for 6 months i was not concentrated on my website. Therefore, finally i took 1 year 2 months time to get my first Adsense Cheque. You can find here my first Adsense payment details.

Pay Electricity Bill Payment with Net Banking

e-Governance made lifestyle of the people better than never before, you can pay your utility bills like Power, Telephone, Mobile Phone, Gas and much just with a single click of mouse from your house or office. You no need to fraud your boss for half day leave for paying your electricity bill. No need to stand in a Q for hours in the month end payments. Just have a Net Banking Account and pay your bill. You no need to pay payment charges to e-seva centers or any agents. I have done it and it saved my time and money. Indeed, i am saving the environment by sparing a piece of paper from my account. Don't you believe i just pay the bill with my SBI Net Banking and just note down the transaction code in the electricity bill paper itself.

Pay your Electricity Bill using your Debit Card or Net Banking

As i am staying in the Andhra Pradesh i am domenstrating here APCPDCL bill payment. The payment process would be similar to other states as well. If you find any doubt you comment and definitely i will assist you. Lets start here just click APCPDCL website to open. Find the Pay a link like Pay Your Bill. After that select your District and ERO location and and enter the Service Number which you can know using your Bill received from the department personnel at your home. If you are paying the current month arrears you can select Current Payment option of you want to pay in advance you can select Advance Payment option for Type of Payment. After that Click on the Verify the Bill Payment button to confirm the details before paying. After click on submit button. Not in the payment screen select the Payment mode, either from Card or Internet Banking. In the next screen you need to select the your bank from the list of the banks and click on submit.

Pay using the Debit Card

If you have choosen the Debit Card you have to pass your card details like card number, CVV2 Number and type of card. In the final screen you need enter your password of your card for the Secure Transaction.

Pay using Net Banking

If you are paying using your net banking you will be diverted to the login screen of your bank website and provide the necessary secure details and make the payment.

Why don't you put your hands for the better society. Use the technology in the proper and secure way and get things done faster and smarter.

Google Adsense Personal Identification Number(PIN)

Google Adsense Support Team takes precautionary measures for the safety of their Publisher before making the first payment to them by sending a Google Adsense Personal Identification Number know as Google Adsense PIN. If you new to Google Adsense and your Finalized Unpaid Earnings reache about $10 (The threshold would vary in future.) your payment will be set for hold to affirm your address before sending the the Cheque. And they will send you a PIN number through Priority Airmail Post to your Address directly from the Google Adsense Support, USA.

It would take about 3-6 weeks or more to reach the address based on geographical locations. I got my PIN Number after 8 weeks i.e. about 2 months. Wait for 2 weeks more on the specified period, if you  still not get post you can again request the PIN Number. Be sure about your Address provided, while requesting for a PIN.

After you get the Google Adsense PIN you need to do the following taks
  • Sign In to your Google Adsense Account.
  • In the Home Screen you can see an alert message in Red Background as shown below. Just click on More Details link.
  • You will be navigated to Payments Screen as shown below click on Please Enter your PIN link.
  • And Enter your PIN which you received from Google Adsense Support through Courier/Post in the Box provided.
  • You can see the message as you successfully confirmed your address.
  • And your payment On Hold will be removed that you can see in your Home screen as shown below.
If you enter the wrong PIN for 3 times your Adsense Account will be blocked so, be careful. Now there is not problem and worry at all for your Earning from Google Adsense. It was a boost for me to work more harder to earn more money from Google Adsense.

Happy Adsensing

Buy a Domain Name for Adsense Approval

Publishers think about purchasing a Domain Name from the Web Hosting Service Providers. It is quite common thing that most of the new bloggers use the free Content Management Systems such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla and much more. Almost half of them create blogs with the intention of earning money by Publishing the Advertisements in their Blogger sites. One of such a good way to earn money is from Google Adsense publishing program. As it is most popular and being used by the 90% of the publishers in the world. It is accepting the applications mostly from the publishers from the Own Domain Websites and not the Free Websites like one hinted above.

Since last few years Google Adsense is strictly following to give permission to the new publishers who have their own domain name like And rejecting the applications of the new publishers who have the down-line websites like

As the google adsense is the one and only genuine publishers choice to earn money. It costs only few dollars or only few hundred Indian Rupees only, which you can gain with in a month from your domain. Believing that earning money online without investing money is not a fair and reliable thought and i suggest you to buy a domain from Domain Name Service provides like godaddy or bigrock. If you are staying in Indian and don't have the credit card you can purchase here a domain name from with a discount or can get a free domain from if neither having credit card or staying in the rest of the world.

Google Adsense the best online earning solution

Google Adsense ImageThere are several ways to earn money online like PTC and Online Paid Surveys but they are not reliable. Then what is the best way to earn online money? There is a best program designed by Google Inc., called Google Adsense product for publishers. It is universally most practiced way to earn money by the Publisher and Bloggers in the world. You would have heard of it in this techie world. You are closer to this word if you are the Netizen. And want to know more about what is Adsense, its implementation and procedure is explained here.

What is the Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the Publishing Advertisements in the electronic mode launched by the Google Inc.,. It is designed with some Policy rules for the better smooth running of it's service for a long time. If any one crosses the policy rules they are simply thrown away from the program.

How does Google Adsense work?

The beginners don't know that how does Google Adsense work. Google has another product called Google Adwords from where Google takes Advertising Projects with the charge of Pay Per Click, Pay Per Action concepts based on the geographical competition of the Keywords. These advertisements are distributed to the Google Adsense Publishers.

For me it is the best way to earn money after i have experimented in this field about 4 years. I tried so many alternatives of the Adsense, but after i tried Google Adsense i proudly say it gave me 10 times more money in a just one month time than i earned from all other online earning methods for 3 years time. So, let's start Goggling with Google Adsense. If you don’t believe I will place my Adsense Report & My Paypal Account Balance for your reference in my next article.

Top 3 Google Adsense Publisher Approval Tips

Google Adsense It is been made completed free to get approval for Google Adsense Account membership, most reliable to get paid online, and universally popular Ad Publishing Program. So, every one dreams to join the Google Adsense. If Google Adsense Moderators accepts all the application from the Website Publishers without considering website content as per the Google Adsense Policies, then how will be the future of Google Adsense? The Google Adsense attained such a good name, because of strictly following their Privacy Policy. If not followed such a rules most of the people will auto generate high revenue using the cheep trick and techniques using the Modern Technology. So wish the Google strictly follow their guidelines.

Why Google Rejecting Application from Bloggers?

It was the situations upto 2008 Google Adsense was accepting all the applications from even free Bloggers such as But most of the free Blogger Publishers were misusing the opportunity by deceiving the Google Adsense such as auto clicking events. It became against policies of Google Adsense. Since then Google started to reject the applications from the Blogger sites.

How Google Adsense Team come to know that i have Blogger?

Blogger Google Adsense simply rejects the applications from the Blogger sites such as,,, There are so many websites servers are providing this kind of free website designing services to its members. If you create a website under that site it will be created as sub-domain name such as, So, accountsguy website name is ending with Google Adsense accepts the applications form the top level domain names such www.AccountsGuy.Net not of sub-domain websites.

Why Google Adsense does not consider Newly Launched Websites?

Because the newly launched websites doesn't contain much content(information) on it. Google Adsense expects the visitors for your site. what the visitors expect from your site? information or services! So, It takes some time to add some content and to bring the visitors.

Paid Online Surveys will pay you?

English: paid survey related photo
Paid online surveys are one of the finest way to earn money online as many sites are saying. But come to the real experience what is the actual online cash that we can earn by participating surveys is the important point that one must know. There is different effect on the earning scale to the member that they belong to geographically. Yet it is absolutely true if you are the resident of USA, Canada, or UK you would get high income, where as in other location in the world would get low payment for the surveys. Now there would be some doubts in your mind. just clear them here itself. and read on this article.

Are Survey Websites Genuine or Fake?

Absolutely there are much more fake Survey websites than genuine survey websites in the industry. They simply steel the valuable time of the members after finishing the survey they give a simple message "You Are not Eligible for this Survey" or even you can't withdraw the funds even you reach the threshold.

Should i Pay Money to get paid online Surveys?

There are many more websites asks you pay the subscription charges to get more surveys every day to your mail id and you would get more money than free members do get. Those sites play tricks like showing the testimonials of the members, Paid Cheque proofs to convert you into the paid survey member. So, be smart towards those kind of sites. You would lose money if you pay?

Will i Get Only Menoy/Cash for my Surveys?

You are not supposed to expect to get money from Survey websites. There are different kind of websites based on the remuneration that they provide to their members. You would get any combination or any one of the following for participating in the survey websites. 
  1. Directly Money credited to your account (not Bank Account).
  2. Points, which can be converted to money or for Participating in Sweepstakes.
  3. Participation in Sweepstakes.
  4. Gift Vouchers from any websites for online purchase.
  5. Or any other Gifts. (might be of other countries then how you get them).
As of my personal experience it not the good way to earn money online. Because you get about $1 - $3 by participating for 1 hour time and reading the long surveys. And you don't get much Surveys from the websites. Some websites asks you pay money for getting more money.

So, don't lose your valuable money and time. Be smart and brave before trapped by those site. If you really want to make money from your leisure time then read my articles about Online Earning.

Is Pay Per Click site way to earn money online?

When you are the beginner in the Internet Online Earning, most of the people search short cut methods for ways to make or earning money from home. Almost every one would be trapped by Bux or Pay Per Click (PTC) sites as i did that pitfall in the beginning stage. I don't want this happen to you my dear friend. I have wasted most my time by registering and working for those websites. I was getting about 1% revenue share from the websites. If you are really want to earn money i tell you the secret how you can earn money with in a month of starting the  online strategy. If you still not yet believed my words read this article completely and my experience in this way.

How could you believe that you earn money without investing?

Try to understand that how can you make money in internet without spending a single penny. Most of the sites likes, NeoBux, Buxify say that you can earn money by click ads in their websites and referring more people under you.

Website would windup when you reach the threshold!

Even most of the people write praise words about those websites in the internet. Shows their earning. My dear friend don't get registered in those websites. You need to work on those websites for years, in the mean time most of the PTC sites wind up. Because i have faced this kind of situations when i was working for Smith Bux.

Can not withdraw even you reach the Threshold.

Some other websites give you nice earning like 1000 Dollors for a click and minimum threshold $ 1,00,000 to withdraw. Some website like RichgoPTR where you get like this kind of offer. Daily you would be afford 7 links per day $7000 and you work for 15 days to reach the target. So, enthusiastically you work daily. They earn with your effort. When you reach the target you will see the link to withdraw but can't get the payment even after 1 to 2 months.

Finally i prefer you not to take this wrong step and follow my blog for the best way to earn money. You would think my blog also like Bux website. No not at all i show you the one and only genuine way to earn money. I don't earn money with your effort like the bux sites.

And might a doubt would scratch your brain. Why this guy is making a favouring for us? The only answer is i need the followers and not money. When i have the genuine visitors i get the money. When i work with a good cause then the success will become my slave.

So, Lets start the journey in the genuine way.

Genuine words about Online Earning

This is my first blog. I started my journey of earning money from the online since 2009 with my best friend named Mr. Vinod Kumar. When i started from my side i faced so many struggles to get on to earn money on the net but the experience made me to understand the strategies, techniques to earn money on the net by spending a small amount from your pocket. Just i had to spend much time for reading other bloggers' views to know how to become a good blogger and earn extra money from my spare time.

So many people think that is that possible to earn money on the net? You need only the understanding and spending some time in front of the computer and you should have your source of income for your day to day expenditure.
Keep Work Style for Success
  1. Never stick on Survey or paid to click (PPC) sites for making money.
  2. Never give money for earning money online like e-mail reading.
  3. Never tell works without the proof.
  4. Start a blog with share your thoughts about a skill or profession you are expertise on it.
  5. Express your thoughts simple and easy.
  6. Never write false articles in your blog.
  7. Share your blog on Social networks and email your friends.
  8. Convert your blog as a money generating machine using Google Adsense.
I'm sure, ready to explain you all about the techniques, tips and some important websites lists in the future posts. I just recommend you to just follow my blog. Are you thinking how to follow? You can find the social links such twitter, facebook, or follow button. Just follow me or subscribe to my feeds.

And recommend your friends to get join in this blog. If you have any queries just put the comments under this blog i'll answer your comments with in 2 working days. I hope you are all ready to start the journey of your success.