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Google Project Loon transforming the Tradition of Accessing Internet

I am the internet lover, i want to show my uniqueness in my work. And i feel it must be smarter and faster. I want to keep my profile as global as possible like bookmarking my places in Google Maps etc.,. When i visited Sangameshwaram Temple located in foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir i was trying to add this holy temple of Lord Shiva in My Tourist Places in Google Maps using my Nokia C5-03 Smart Phone. But there is neither GPS nor Internet Connectivity available. Transportation to this remote area is nill, even you can't find local transportation like auto-rickshaw. I was blaming the technology about the hurdle to access the Internet in Internet-deserted places like deep forests, and remote villages the one like this

Project Loon Offical Photo from Google+ Page

Can we Access Internet in Forest Area.

In June 2013 i heard about a project, whose main goal is to bring Internet to all the people across the globe. It must be accessible by nature lover when travelling in Amazon Forest, a software engineer in India stayed at his Grate-Grand-Mother's home located in a poor village.

Project Loon Logo - OfficialThe Pioneer of the Project Loon is Google

This project name is Project Loon started by the Google Inc.,. A small group of Project Loon pioneers will start the experiment in Christchurch, one of the largest cities in South Island of New Zealand. If you are living in New Zealand and willing to put your hand together as a Project Loon pilot tester in the upcoming test launches Register Your Internet for becoming a Project Loon pilot tester.

Project Loon by Google

Why Google named Loon for this Project

In this project Google has experimented with Balloons so given as Loons. As per dictionary Loon means a "silly or foolish person" and google is doing this silly project with balloons so gave this name as per my assumption. I hope this will succeed.

What are used in this technology

As i told you above balloons are being used in this project these are not simple balloons but they are Wi-Fi balloons. They travel in the Stratosphere around the Earth about 20 km above. As per Google survey Winds in the stratosphere moves slowly at between 5 to 20 mph. A Software algorithms is using to set the location of balloon where it needs to move. They uses the antennas to communicate balloon-to-balloon and balloon-to-ground by giving connectivity from the ground area about 40 km diameter at speed comparable to 3G.

Here are some of the online information about Project Loon. The team has started a Google+ Page about the project updates. Mr. Mike Cassidy, Project Leader has written an article in Googles Offical Blog, even it has been registered in Facebook and finally Official Website of the Project Loon.

Lets hope this masterpiece will succeed and will transform Internet from the tradition stage to the next level - Project Loon.

How to List our Business in Google's Places for Business

Promoting our business in the electronic mode is one of the finest way to gain the local as well as global reputation. Through the electronic promotion of the business, you could get new customers. It is the cost effect way to promote a business product or service. Google has introduced a service called Places for Business. It a hub of the Business places where the enterprises and companies will list their businesses' and/or services' locations to attract customers through online. It is a free of cost service given by the Google Inc., to its users. All you have a business location i.e. an address where you serve your customers or a point of sale place, and a Google Account.

There will be Free as well Premium Features available with this. In Free Account itself you get almost all the features that you want to expose in the web. This feature comprises of displaying your business information in the Google Search Page, customers can find your contact details and office timings, and even will enables you to discuss with your customers with the help of Google+ Page. Where as Premium Features will helps you advertise your business by giving priority to your business listing with Google Adwords.

So, lets start listing your own business in the Places for Business and this process of registering is the free service.

Login and Enter your Business Details

In order to avail this service you need to login in the website with your Google Account. If you don't have you can create a New Google Account. After that you need to provide your business information like business name, address, contact number, business timings, etc.,

Google Business Verification Code

After providing your information in the next screen you need to select an option through which you want to get the Verification Code for your Contact Number by selecting By Phone Call or SMS (only in USA) and enter owner of the Business in the Name box. As soon as you click the button you get the confirmation code which you need to enter in the specified box and click on Button.

Google Business Listing PIN

After you have verified your Contact number you need to verify your business address. It is the long time process. After few months Google will send you a letter containing the PIN number to your address through Post. Like one i received recently. After receiving the PIN Number you need to open the Verification URL which is provided in the letter itself. Here enter the PIN Number in the provided box and click on verify button.

With the verification of your business address listing your business listing in Places for Business is completed.