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Have a own URL for your Google+ Profile

A Customized URL for any Social Network profile page is preferable as it is easy to remember and get directly to the Profile page instead of search for that profile just like When it comes the Google+ social network, it will give you a random URL for your profile like Google.Com/108634912960758051829 rather than with a specific URL

Getting Started with Google+ Custom URLs

How to get eligible for Custom URL

In order to obtain a Customized URL for the Google+ Profile it must be in a good standing and meet the following requirements.

  1. At least 10 followers must be following you in your profile.
  2. It must have complete 30 days.
  3. And should contain a Profile Photo.

Google+ Team will send you an email to you regarding the same if your profile met with the above requirements with a suggested Customer URL like, one that i got in my inbox. Even you set your own name for the URL like instead of suggested URL by the Google+ Team. Automatically your suggested name will ends with your name.

Change the Custom URL for your Google+ Profile

You Can directly click on the hyperlink provided in your mail to get the Custom URL or open your About page and go to the Links section and click on claim link provided for the change of URL. Once you change the URL it will be kept under review. During the review time you can change it only once and after that you can't change it.

Hereafter you can directly get to any specific page of your Google+ profile like About page by entering the custom name followed by /about like

Know the delivery status of Adsense Cheque (Check)

Google Adsense Team will start issue the payments of the Publishers on or after 15th of every month if the earning of the publisher reaches the threshold i.e. $100. You can see the cheque issued details in the Payments screen of your Adsense Account. It takes about 15 to 20 days to reach to your address. If it delays you start your hunt for the Cheque. You thing about the possibilities for the delay for the Cheque.

Image: Tracking Number of Adsense Cheque

  • Is it delivered to wrong address by mistake by the delivery boy?
  • Is your neighbour or someone else anti-person taken the cheque when you are out of your home?

The final solution for your problem is to know the Status of your shipment from the Courier Service. As i am from India here we get the Google Adense Cheque through Blue Dart Courier Service. Hence, we need to find out the nearest Blue Dart Courier Point and asking them every day. Isn't it look foolish idea? The courier boy will shout at you if you trouble him every day.

Most of us don't know that we can get the Tracking Number of our shipment from the Payments screen itself. It is true. After 15 days from the Cheque Issue date, go to the Finalized earnings and payments section in the Payments screen just click on the Detail link in the section. There you can find the Tracking Number as BlueDartxxxxxxxxxxx. Just open the the Blue Dart Courier Website and enter your Tracking number in the Track your shipment section in the website. If you find that your courier is still not delivery it might be on the way to reach you or contact the Blue Dart Point with the Tracking number they will help your.

Request for Google Adsense Cheque Reissue made easy

You can see your latest Cheque issued status in the Payments screen in your Google Adsense account. About 20-40 days you get your Google Adsense Cheque in normal circumstances. And that will be cleared in you Bank Account by presenting the Cheque at your local Bank for clearance. It takes from 3 to 20 days time to credit in your Bank Account. This is the normal process of encashing your Google Adsense Cheque.

Request cheque reissue Form - Image

But in some situations your cheque will not clear within the validity period of the cheque. This happens due to Banking rules or their mistakes like one happened to me when i was presented the cheque at my Bank for clearance. The Banker while sending the cheque for outstation clearance he misplaced the figures of the MICR Code of the Google Adsense Cheque. He was misplaced the cheque and given me after 3 months. Due to the Banker mistake and his negligence the cheque is uncleared.

Request cheque reissue forum - Image

Then i searched how to request the Google Adsense for reissuing my outdated cheque. Then i posted a query in Adsense in English Forum, in the same day i got the reply for my query. All i have to complete Requesting a cheque reissue with complete details of your Google Adsense Account Information and Cheque Details.

Soon, you will get mail from Google regarding your action. They will credit the same amount to your Google Adsense earning within 15 days as Cheque stopped - earnings credited back. The same amount along with any additional earning will be issued in the next payment period.

Request cheque reissue acknowledgement mail - image