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Disallow Company Accounts to open in Tally Education Mode

Tally ERP 9 has come with both Licensed as well as Educational mode. The main objective of the Education mode is to enable the students and learners to understand the powerful Accounting Package Software. When you have a licensed software you will be provided with full access to all the features of the software. When we have the Backup of the Accounts in Tally you can access it from any other computer even you don't have the licensed version. Just download the software from the Tally Solutions Download center and install in your computer and start working in Educational Mode.

Image: Disabling Company not to open in Educational Mode

Tally Software is being used by the big companies like TCS, middle level companies and even Auditors also using the software. If someone steels the backup of your companies accounts from your computer who knows the password there may be possibility of leaking of business secrets to the competitors. If they restore your company in Educational mode they can access the books of accounts. But you can make your company not to open in educational mode either while creating Company itself of by Altering a Company.

To effect it for your company you have to enable the Security Control section.

  1. Under Security Control section set YES for use Security Control option.
  2. Mention name of the Administrator and give the Password.
  3. And enable the Disallow opening in Education Mode option by selecting the YES option.
  4. Accept the Changes.

Now the company will not open in the education mode if you want again to enable to open your company in education mode set NO for Disallow opening in Education Mode option.

Quickly delete a ledger in Tally

Deleting a Ledger in Tally Accounting Package is as simple as pressing two keys task. Tally ERP 9 supports to delete any ledger except Profit & Loss A/c from your Company Accounts either it is of Sundry Debtors, Fixed Asset, or Indirect Expenses. You don't need to worry about data missing problem in your company accounts, Tally will take care of it and will not allow any mistakes to happen in your Books of Accounts.

Image: Delete ledger from Accounts Info. screen

Normally we go for deleting a ledger option when there is no scope for taking place of any business transaction for that particular ledger and we don't need any further communication with that business group like Sundry Creditor or Debtors contact information.

Before you going to delete you must notice that there should not be any Accounting Voucher entry in that particular ledger. If there any voucher entry in that ledger you are not allowed to delete that ledger from your Company as Tally will not permit. And you sure that there is not voucher entry in that ledger you can delete that ledger by pressing the Alt + D keys when that ledger is in Ledger Alteration mode from any one of the following screens.

Gateway of Tally screen

This is the simple step where you can delete the ledger from the Gateway of Tally screen.

  1. Select Accounts Info.
  2. and then go with Ledgers option
  3. and select Alter.
  4. Select the Name of Ledger which you want to delete from the available List of Ledgers.

Accounting Voucher screen

Image: Quickly delete a ledger from Voucher Entry screen

While entering an Accounting Voucher itself you can delete a ledger directly from the screen without leaving the Accounting Voucher screen. after selecting the ledger set focus back on that ledger and press Ctrl + Enter keys and you will be navigated to Ledger Alteration screen.

Reports screen

Apart the above screen even you can delete a ledger directly by viewing it from List of Accounts screen which is available in Display screen of the Reports section in Gateway of Tally. After reaching the screen press Ctrl + L keys to view the List of Ledger created in Tally and just keep focus on it and press deleting keys.

Working with Company for Accounting in Tally ERP 9

When you open the Tally ERP 9 software you ought to select a Company from the list of companies to start accounting your daily business transactions. When you open the application by default it will load a Company with Company ID 10000, even though you can select a different Company or list of companies to be loaded when tally starts.

In order to load a company

  1. Click on Select Company option from Company Info. menu.
  2. Specify the path where the Company files are created.
  3. Select a company from the List of Companies.

You can work on more than one company simultaneously by virtue of software, and this is the fantastic feature of the Tally. Even though a default company is loaded you load another company as well for that press F1 Key from any menu screen like Gateway of Tally, Display menu etc.,

If you want to not to load any company when Tally opened

  1. Press F12 Key from Configuration menu screen
  2. Select Data Configuration
  3. Set No for Load Companies on startup.

Adsense New Home Page for Publishers - Quick Look

The Adsense Team has simplified the Home page of the Google Adsense for smoother and easier navigation of all the aspects of the Adsense Account. We can have quick look about our Estimated Earning, and Scorecard. These two were common when we compare with the previous home page, but Adsense has added Performance section at the bottom of the Scorecard which is not there in the previous home page. We can have look at top earned reports in respect of Channels, Countries, Platforms, and Sites.

Image: Google Adsense New Home Page

We can even see a fantastic addition in the home page that we can see today's increase or decrease of the Estimated Earnings, and Reports by comparing the same day of the last week. This will help us to analyse our Adsense performance. Adsense has done a great work for this design and i feel it is a good tool to have quick look at our Adsense Account.

You can start your New Adsense Account home page by clicking the I'll give it a try. You can see the button either in the left bottom corner of the previous home page or in the Introducing the new Adsense home page prompt screen. Even after you selected the New Home page you can revert back to the previous Home page when you want by just clicking on Revert to previous home page.