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Say Good Bye to Microsoft Windows XP - No More Support!

Windows, The first Graphical User Interface Operation System designed by the Microsoft Inc.,. After the invention of the Computer Operation System Windows, the work has been simplified. There are number of Versions released by the Microsoft in the name of Windows like Windows 95, Me, 2000, XP, 7, and etc., On April 8, 2014 that means today the Microsoft team said Stop for Windows XP Operation System. It was launched 13 years ago i.e. in late 2001, is going to be stopped. Hence, There is no more XP in the series of Windows OS list. Good Bye to MS Windows XP.

Image: No More Support for Windows XP - Good Bye to Windows XP OS

You can still use the Windows XP OS, there won’t be any change and stalling of the features in the Operating System. But you won’t get any updates, and security patches for your PC. If there is any hazardous trouble found in your PC like security threats, vulnerable virus attaches, then you just kick off your Data and won’t get any support from the PC. So, don’t take that risk. Now it’s time to change your mind even though it is enough for you to work with Windows XP features. It is better to upgrade to the any one of the higher versions of Microsoft OS Windows 7, Vista or Windows 8.

PC Minimum Requirements to Upgrade

Your System must meet at lease the following requirements

  1. 1GHz 32-bit or 64-bit Processor
  2. DirectX 9 Graphics Device with Windows Display Drive Model 1.0 or higher.
  3. Users those have 32-bit Processor will need at least 1GB RAM and 16GB storage on your hard drive and those have 64-bit processor will need 2GB RAM and 20GB storage on their hard drive.
To check the requirements of your system just right click on My Computer icon on desktop and then click Properties option.
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