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Schedule Auto Payment through Wire Transfer in Google Adsense

Google Adsense has upgraded its payment system and we already knew it. For Payment Settings as well it has added new features like payment schedule on a specific date, setting a specific threshold limit, and adding a Wire Transfer payment. And now we are going to understand these new elements one by one in details. And it is boon for Indians, earlier the Bank Wire Transfer was unavailable but it available now. So, lets set a date for auto payment into your Bank Account.

How to Increase Threshold, set Schedule Payment, adding new form of payment (Wire Transfer)
How to Increase threshold and set a scheduled date for payment and Wire Transfer of your earning

Login to your Adsense Account.

  1. Click on Gear icon in top right side corner.
  2. Choose the Payments option from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Payment Settings tab in left side tabs.

Then you can see the Payment Setting screen and it will allow us to perform the following actions towards our payment settings.

Increase threshold and Payment Schedule

By default Google Adsense makes payment on 21th day of the month when the accumulated earning reaches $100 upto the last day of the preceding month. We can increase the threshold limit more than $100 but can't decrease less than that. This is the minimum threshold for payment of our earnings in Adsense Account.

Just click on the Configure link beside the Payment Schedule, then you can find the Configure self-hold screen. There you can provide your threshold limit in the provided box give the digits for your payment threshold and set a date of payment for auto payment on a specific date. The scheduled date should be with one year. Your schedule payment date will be considered upto 20th of every month.

Add Bank details for Wire Transfer (EFT)

Now onward the Google Adsense allows to add a new form of payment where our payments directly deposited into our Bank Account through Wire Transfer or Electronic Fund Transfer. Adsense will not change but Banks will charge and before add this payment form contact your Bank regarding this and obtain the IFSC, Swift code of your Bank Branch if the Wire Transfer is available for your Branch.

Just click on the add new form of payment button in the screen then you will see the Form to

provide your Bank details like Account Number, Holder Name, Branch details along with the Swift and IFSC codes of your Bank Branch. If you still want your payment through Cheque form just uncheck the make this form of payment as primary check box at the end of the form. Now a new form of payment Wire Transfer to bank account ...0000 will be displayed under available forms of payment.It will take about 4-10 business days to be credited into your Bank Account after the Adsense released the payment on 21st of the month.

And this is really a fantastic change in the Payment Setting, and good news for Indians to have our payment through wire transfer and payment scheduling. Thanks to Google for this effort.

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