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How to write Request Letter for Bank Statement

Bank Statement will show you the financial record, pertaining to a particular period. Obvious we get our day to day bank transactions in the Bank Passbook, yet in some cases it is mandatory for us to obtain a separate Bank Statement from our banker it might be the reason that you might be obtaining Bank Loan, Registering for a new Company, Filing Income Tax Returns, etc.,

There is neither a specific format nor an application available for requesting a Savings, Current, or Over Draft (OCC) Account Bank Statement. in order to obtain the Bank Statement we need to write a simple request letter to the Branch Manager. And you need to show off the reason for requesting the Bank Statement in the Subject, and Body of the Letter itself.

Savings Bank(SB) Account Statement Request Letter Format

Here i have drafted a sample letter for obtaining Savings Bank Account Statement for IT Returns purpose.

Just replace your details in the place of Account Holder details like name, address, account number, bank name, branch name, etc.,

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