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What is the Best Platform to start your first Professional Blog?

By creating their own Profile in the Internet; artists, professionals will get the popularity. And by running a blogger they can share their ideas; therefore it is even becoming one of their sources of income. So, before starting a Blog one must choose the best Platform for Blogging is a mandatory.

There are plenty of Online Platforms available to get your own Blog, but you have to decide which platform is suitable for you. If you are a Professional in Website Designing you can go with one set of platform called Self Hosted Servers. If you are toddler and do have basic understanding of Computer and Internet hen you have another set of platform called Content Management System (CMS) Platforms like Google Blogger, where some of them charge the maintenance cost and some of them give the free service and Google Blogger is best example for that.

There are plenty of Web Hosting Platforms available in the internet to Design and Write Articles for free of cost. If you want to go with a Charging Web Hosting Service Provider it cost you a minimum of $150-250 per year. Even you start your own blog with a free blog service provider later on you can upgrade to pay services. There are plenty of free service platforms available in the internet to start your own blog.

What is in your Blog?

When you start a blog it will be having address which is termed as Blogger URL or Domain Name. And it will be having Blogger Template or Blogger Theme of your blog which acts as a frame to your blog appearance. And a Post Editor, which allows you to write Article or Blog Posts.

Domain Name

The Domain Name of your Blog is the address through which people visits your blog. You can find two a set of Domain Names in the internet. It is just like name for your blog and it is the address for your blog in the World Wide Web (www) or Internet.

  1. Depended Domain Name: It is not a top level domain name, which is offered for you at a free of cost. E.g.
  2. Self Hosted Domain Name: it is a top level domain name, for which you have to pay about $3 - $20 per annum. There are plenty of Domain Sellers are available in Internet. E.g.,

Blog Template or Blog Theme

Blog Template or Blog Theme is nothing but a look and feel of your Blog. How your blog looks like will be depend on your Blog Template. There are plenty of free Themes available in the internet for your blog even you can find your own choice of free themes in your blog hosting platform itself. If you want a Customized Blog Theme then you have to purchase it from third party.

Post Editor or Content Editor

This is the main part of the Blog, using which the Blogger writes Blog Posts or Articles in his or her Blog. Your blog hosted platform will be having its own type of Editor to write Blog Posts. There you can find text, media related tools to decorate your content.

List of Blog Hosting Platforms

There are plenty of blog hosting platforms available in the Market which are free of cost.

  1. Google Blogger
  2. Wordpress
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