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How to print Gmail message Conversation professionally

Now a day’s information is exchanged through Electronic Mails know as Email and there is drastic requirement to take the print of the reports from the Email Account itself. The information could be in the form of Charts, Reports or even it would be a Business Conversations took place in the Gmail Account. We can take the print of the Messages as per our requirement. Either we can print the entire message conversation or take particular message only.

How to Print a Message in Gmail Account professionally
A message in a conversation is being printed.

We take the print of the message through various forms in Gmail Account and those are discussed below in detail.

Print all the Messages in a Conversation

When you have sent mail to your colleague regarding the project report expecting the clarification from him, in return he will reply to you. Your mail to your colleague and the reply of your colleague is a Conversation in this contest, and if you want to take the print of the entire conversation

  1. Open the mail in your Gmail Account that you want to take print out.
  2. And just click on Print Icon on top right of the mail to print the entire Mail or Conversation.

Print a Specific Message in a Conversation

If you want to take the print of your colleague’s reply then you should not go with Print Icon, instead of that

  1. Just click on the message received from your colleague in the conversation and it will be expanded.
  2. Click on More dropdown button next to the Reply Icon in the message.
  3. And select Print option.

Print a selected Message only

If you want to print a specific paragraph or a specific content in a message

  1. Just Select the Content in the mail.
  2. Right click over the Selection and choose print option.

This is how we can manage our message conversations to take the Print in Gmail Account.

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