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How to secure or protect Android Smart Phone and Tablet from theft

Have you bought a new Android Smart Phone or Tablet to your home and linked your Google Account with the Android Device? Then you can secure your Device as well as the Data stored in your Device from thefts, or forgetting somewhere using the Android Device Manager.

How to protect Android Smart Phones from thefts using Android Device Manager
A Smart Phone has been located in the Google Maps using the Android Device Manager

Before you are going to secure your Android Cell Phone using the Android Device Manager first you need to link your Android Mobile Phone or other Android Device like Tablet with your Google Account. And activate the Android Device Manager option in your Android Mobile or Tablet.

After you have done the two things said above, you can perform the three different activates to secure our Android Device as well as the Data stored in it.

You can find the Android Device Manager in your Google Play Account. Login to your Google Play Account.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in top right side corner.
  2. And choose Android Device Manager option from the drop down list.
  3. Once again login to your Account using your Google Account credentials.
  4. In the Android Device Manager page you can find your Device Name and location of the device.

And over here you can perform any one or all the actions provided by the Android Device Manager and they are explained in detail below.

How to find out a lost Mobile using the Android Device Manager

Using the Android Device Manager you can locate your Device in the Google Maps. If you are sure that your device has been stolen then you make use of this feature to find out the location of your device. Then simply reach the place and click on Ring option in the Android Device Manager page.

As soon as you confirm the Ring activity from the Device Manager page your device starts ringing upto five minutes. No calling number will be displayed on your mobile but it just rinds. In order to stop the ringing of the device the person has to press the Power Off button.

Remember your device must have Internet connection in order find out the location of your device.

How to Lock or Erase the important data stored in your Device

If the thief is aware of Android Device Manager, he will press the Power Off button to stop the continuous rind of the mobile device. And you have kept important data in your device then first

  • Click on Lock icon in the Android Device Manager in order to lock your Smart Phone or other Android Device.

So, the thief can not open the device to access your data and after that

  • Click on Erase icon to erase all the data stored in your Cell Phone.

If you perform this action be sure and your data will be permanently removed. So, it is recommended to take your device backup in intervals. If you have connected your device with Google Account your data will be stored in your Google Account except the data not linked with your Google Account.

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