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How to activate Android Device Manager for Smart Phone or Tablet

We can locate, and lock our Android device if we have lost it. And even we can erase the data stored in our lost Smart Phone or Tablet device remotely using the Android Device Manager in Google Play Account. In order to lock your device and erase the date, we need to activate the Android Device Manager in your device, apart other Device Managers supported by the Device Manufacture.

How to Activate Android Device Manager in your Phone Remotely using Google Play
Lock and Erase options for your Android Device is activating remotely

As i already told you that you need to have a Google Account and that should be added to your Android Device to secure your Device from thefts. And after that you need to configure your Device Settings to allow the Android Device Manager to access your Device. And you can change the settings of your Device either using your Device or from your Android Device Manager page itself.

Activate Android Device Manager through settings in your your Android Device

In order to activate Android Device Manager in your Android Device either it is Smart Phone or Tablet.

How to activate Android Device Manager in your Smart Phone
Android Device Manager is Activate in Device Settings
The settings are demonstrated for Motorola Smart Phone model Moto E for other android device models the settings would change slightly.
  1. Open your device Settings, which you can find under Apps or Widgets or some other location in your Device.
  2. Scroll down to the Security option and open it.
  3. Find the Device Administrator or such a similar option in the Security screen and open it.
  4. Here activate the Android Device Manager option.

Enable Lock your Android Device and Erase data options remotely.

Apart that even you can change your device settings directly from your Android Device Manager page itself and here we see how we can do that remotely from Google Play Account.

  1. Sign in to your Google Play Account.
  2. Click on Gear Icon on top right corner and choose the the Android Device Manager option from the drop down list.
  3. A new page asks to to login once again to your Google Account just login.
  4. There click on Enable Lock & Erase option.

Your Android Device Manager will be activated in your Mobile Phone remotely. If you open the Device Manager in your Smart Phone Settings you can find that the option is activated.

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