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How to generate Cash Ledger Report holding at CDSC in AP CTD website

In order to obtain the Statutory Forms from the Commercial Tax Department, our Dealer Account must have the required Credit Balance at the Computerized Dealer Service Center(CDSC) to request for various Statutory Forms likes C Forms, F Forms, H Forms. Way Bills, etc.,

How to generate Cash Ledger statement in AP Commercial Tax Department
Cash Ledger statement generated in AP Commercial Tax Department website

If you are first time going to request for Statutory Forms online then you must sent a DD to CDSC to credit your account for obtaining the Statutory Forms. Otherwise you can check the available balance for requesting statutory forms using your available credit balance. If there is sufficient funds available for obtaining the forms, then you can go to upload the Template File to obtain the Forms otherwise add funds to your account.

So, let us see the how we can generate the Cash Ledger Report, where we can see the charged amount for various Statutory Forms requested and received as well the Cash deposited into the CDSC Account for obtaining the various statutory forms.

  1. Login to your eReturns portal of AP Commercial Tax Department with TIN number and password.
  2. In your Dealer Account just keep your mouse on Report menu.
  3. In the drop down menu click on Form and Waybills sub menu.
  4. And choose Cash Ledger.
    • In the Cash Ledger Report screen choose the date range for From Date and To Dates and click on Submit button.

Then you can see the Cash Ledger statement pertaining to that particular period. There you can see the transactions occurred in your Cash statement as well as the available Cash Balance for requesting the various Statutory Forms.

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