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How to request for re-dispatch of newly applied PAN Card

When we applied for a PAN Card, we get that through Registered Post to the Communication address mentioned in the Application form. But what happens when we fail to receive the PAN Card due to went to vacation holidays or some other reason. Your local Post Man will return the Document to the sender address.

How to request for re-dispatch of new pan card
PAN Card Application Acknowledgement - Below you can Find the Contact Details of the PAN Department

We must take the precaution before that takes place, like information your neighbors to receive the PAN Card on behalf of you. Even we tell the neighbors we can not expect that they shall receive surely. So, it is the best idea to contact your Local Post man who dispatches the Documents at your location and request him to keep with him for a couple of days until you collect it.

If you have failed to take the above precaution you have choice to request the PAN Card Issuer to re-dispatch your PAN Card, but you can not instruct them to send to another address they will sent to the address mentioned in the Application only, upon a request letter.

So, before you are going to write a request letter you should know the Office Address where your PAN Card is lying at whether at Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi etc. And you can know the status by search with your Coupon Code or Application Number in the concerned website.

After that find the contact details of the concerned office address in the Acknowledgement paper. Just prepare a request letter and in the letter mention your Application details along with your information mentioned in the application. Take the printout of the Request Letter and sing it. You can email it by scanning the paper or Fax it and inform them.

If the PAN Card applicant is a Firm or Company then the Request Letter must be printed in the Official Letter Head of the Business, signed by the Authorized Person of the Organization and properly sealed with the Company Stamp.

Then within 2 business working day you will get the reply from the concerned department. If you still don’t get any reply from their side. Remind them about your request.

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Reena Wani said...

Thanks for sharing its very important for us to know pan card and want to duplicate PAN Card online in our country so you can click these link and get information about pan card.

Yaduveer Singh { BSNL } Noida said...

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Ltd.
PAN Department- (2)
Plot no.3, Sector no.11
CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614
Ref: email - PAN Card Resend Request
Dear Sir,
PAN Card Re-dispatch request vide Application No.
Herewith we bring to your kind notice that we had applied for a new PAN Card in the name of AccountsGuy.Net, Hyderabad, which was dispatched to our correspondence address in June month. We couldn’t receive the PAN Card as our office was closed when the local Post Man reached our oRM028564262IN office. Later, after couple of days we contact the Post Man regarding the post. He told that he kept with him for four days and returned to the sender address.
Therefore, we requesting your resend our PAN Card to our address mentioned below as well we mentioned our details below.
Category : Individual
Status :
Your PAN card was returned undelivered to NSDL. The reason for non-delivery as specified by the courier agency is 'Consignee was not available'. The same has been re-dispatched on 20-Nov-2012 by Registered/Speed Post** vide airway bill no. RM028564262IN, at the address for communication* indicated by you in the application. The PAN card is expected to be delivered by 30-Nov-2012.

** EMXXXXXXXXX represents Airway Bill Number for Speed Post & RMXXXXXXXXX represents Airway Bill Number for Registered Post.
Permanent Account Number (PAN) : ELVPS6724M

Address:- Sangam Colony Sector 53 Noida 201301.U.P.India

csrivishnureddy reddy said...

What is nsdl email I'd can u please tl

Venkkatesh K said...

Contacts of NSDL

Aiswarya said...

Thank you so much...

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