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Tally software updates for Telangana state with Release 4.9

As on 2nd June the Andhra Pradesh state has been divided into residual Andhra Pradesh state and Telangana state. All the Statutory and Accounting methods for State Taxation are also need to be maintained as per the Rules and Acts of the corresponding states. In connection with that Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software has also updated its software design.

How to change a Company State to Telangana in Tally ERP 9 Software.
Selecting Telangana state in Company creation screen in Tally ERP 9

Here with Release 4.9, Tally Software has added the newly formed state Telangana in its software for the comfort of the Tally users.

So, just install the latest Release 4.9 or above to avail off this feature. If you have a licensed version and having Tally.Net Subscription validity then simply upgrade your software without downloading and installing the latest version.

If you have a company already created then you alter it in order to change your State in which your company resides. For Andhra Pradesh state you do not need to change your State but in case of Telangana you have to change it to Telangana State as the Statutory things will update.

How to select Telangana State for a Ledger in Tally
Selecting Telangana state for a Ledger in Tally.ERP 9

If you have the suppliers and customers located in Telangana state then you can change their state to Telangana in the corresponding Accounting Masters like Ledger, which you can find in the above picture.

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