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How to create a VAT Commodity in Tally ERP 9

When you are dealing with VAT in Tally ERP 9, it is the best way to create VAT Commodity for a group of Stock Items which are covered under VAT Schedule by the Commercial Tax Department of the concerned State. And Tally allows you to manage the VAT Commodity wise accounting.

How to create VAT Commodity in Tally.ERP 9
VAT Commodity Creation for Seeds in Tally ERP 9

So, it is advised to create VAT Commodities for Stock Items with which you trade, in Tally Software. Before, forwarding to create the VAT Commodity in the Statutory Management Software you need to configure VAT in the Company and it must have enables accounting with Inventory.

However, it is not mandatory to create the VAT Commodity, but if you need to produce VAT Commodity wise Report to the Sales Tax Department then you must create the VAT Commodity and that should be activated in the Stock Items.

In Gateway of Tally screen choose the Inventory Info under Masters

  1. Choose VAT Commodity.
  2. Create
  3. In the VAT Commodity Creation screen give a Name to the VAT Commodity.
    • Select VAT from the list of Tax Type for Used for field.
    • Enter the Commodity Code, Schedule Number, and Schedule Serial Number in the concerned fields.

Save the screen to create the VAT Commodity. Now you can configure the Commodity in the Stock Items for generating Commodity wise Report.

You can get VAT Commodity Details like Schedule and the Serial Numbers from the Commercial Taxes Department Website of your State.

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N Devendra said...

for non inventory Accounts how to change Commodity name, for VAT reporting purpuse

Venkkatesh K said...

For Accounts Only Company you can not change the Commodity Name once it is set in the Annexure Reports.

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