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How to create Customized Voucher Type in Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software having various default Voucher Types such as Accounting, Inventory, and Payroll Voucher Types for recording the Financial, Statutory, Inventory, and Employees related transactions in ERP Application. Apart that it allows the users to create their own set of Voucher Types to customize the Books of Accounts in Tally Software.

How to create Voucher Types in Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software
Voucher Type created for Purchases @ VAT 5%

In order to meet the requirements of the Business People, Tally having the Voucher Type Creation screen to create our set of Customized Voucher Types. For instance, we can create a customized Voucher Type to record only Bank receipts, where we can restrict the Accounting Voucher Creation screen to restrict Cash Ledger while recording a Bank Receipt using Class concept which we will discuss later.

So, let us start creating a Voucher Type for recording Purchases @ VAT 5%.

  1. In Gateway of Tally screen select Accounting Info option.
  2. Voucher Types
  3. Create

Now you can see the Voucher Type Creation screen.

  1. Give a name for your Voucher type e.g. Purchases @ VAT 5%.
  2. Under General section choose a predefined Voucher Type for Type of Voucher option.

Now save the screen to create the Voucher Type now we have just created the Voucher Type in order to impose any restriction we need to create Class for the Voucher Type.

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