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How to record and display Cash Denomination in Tally ERP 9

In retail and wholesale marketing sector, inflow and outflow of cash will take a major role and even it is very important to manage denomination of cash deposited into Bank Account. There would be situation, where we need to track the record of past few day’s cash deposits and denomination to consolidate against the cash sales. And now this has been simplified by the Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software.

How to record Cash Denomination in Contry Voucher entry in Tally ERP 9
Recording Cash Denomination for Cash Deposit in Bank Account in Tally ERP 9

This cash management software helps to record the Cash Denomination while depositing the Cash into the Bank Account. We can record the cash denomination only when we deposit cash into Bank Account.

How to record Cash Denomination in Tally ERP 9

So, in order to do choose Accounting Vouchers from Gateway of Tally screen

  1. Press F4 Key to choose the Contra Voucher Type for recording the Cash deposit.
  2. Press F12 Key to configure the Contra Voucher Type.
    • In the Voucher Configuration screen set Yes for Show Cash Denomination Details field.
    • Save the Voucher Configuration.
  3. Record the cash transaction in the Contra Voucher e.g. 5000 cash deposit.
  4. After completed the selection of appropriate ledgers, enter the amount of cash transaction. Then you will see Bank Allocation for screen.
    • Press Backspace key and choose Cash from the List of Transaction Types for Transaction Type field.
    • Enter the amount of Cash transaction in Amount field.
    • Thereafter, it will prompt the Cash Denomination where you need to fill the fields of cash denomination.

Accept all the screens to complete the Cash Deposit transaction.

How to display the Cash Denomination in Tally ERP 9

In future if you want to verify the cash denomination of any particular cash deposit transaction for cash denomination.

  1. Just open the Cash Ledger or Bank Ledger Vouchers.
  2. Move to the specific Contra entry
  3. Press Alt + Enter Key to open the entry in Voucher Display mode.
  4. And press Alt + F1 Keys in view the entry in detailed view.

There you will find the Denomination details of the Cash Deposit. And this is how we can record and display the Cash Denomination of the cash deposited into Bank in Tally ERP 9.

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