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How to request Blog Authors to write Guest Posts in Google Blogger

In Google Blogger, we can invite our friends, colleges even other Blogger to write Guest articles in our Blog. They must have a valid Google Account in order to be invited by the Blog Owner or Admin.

How to add Blog Author to a Blog
Inviting person to write Guest Post

By permitting the others as an Author of your Blog you are allowing them to write Blog Posts in your Blog. Suppose i have a Blog named AccountsGuy.Net where I write articles about the Accounting & Taxation. But my blog visitors are started requesting me to write articles about Business Management. But I do not have good knowledge about Business Management. So, I invited one of my friends to write Guest Posts in my blog about Business Management.

Blog Authors will be of Administrator and Authors. Administrators will be allowed to change everything like settings, templates, content of other Authors posts, but whereas Authors can only create or edit their only blogs. A person must have a valid Google Account in order to be invited an Author of a Blog.

In order to invite a Google Account holder to write Guest posts in your Blog as an Author you need to login to your Google Blogger Account.

  1. Go to Basic Settings setting in your Blog.
  2. Move to Permissions sub section and click on Add authors hyperlink.
    • Click on Choose from Contacts button if you want to invite your contacts as Blog Authors.
    • Select your contacts from the list and click on Select button, otherwise you can directly type the mail id in the Text Box.
  3. Finish the invitation by clicking on Invite button.

As soon as you sent invitation the person will be added to the Blog Authors’ Open invitations list. You can find the date when you have sent the invitation over here. The person will be under Open Invitations list until he accepts your invitation. This is how we can invite the Google users to write Guest Posts in your Google Blogger.

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