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What does Company Info contains in Tally.ERP 9 Accounting Software

The Company Information menu which is seen in Tally.ERP 9 screen as Company Info is used to perform all the Company related actions like Selecting, Creating, Altering, Backing up, and Restoring Company in Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software.

Introduction to Company Info Menu in Tally ERP 9
Company Info Menu in Gateway of Tally screen.

This is the first menu displayed in the Main Area of the Tally Interface when you open Tally software after activating the Licensee. Even you can see this menu every time you open tally, if there is no default company created.

If there is a Default Company created, you will not see the Company Info menu, when you launch Tally application. If you have loaded a Company to work with, you can reach to the Company Info menu by use the Alt + F3 Shortcut Keys using your keyboard from Gateway of Tally screen. Now let us see the basic options available in this menu.

Create Company

This is the first function to perform a user to start tally for the first time when he opens Tally application. This redirects the user to create company for his business accounts. You can learn about creating company from this article How to Create Company in Tally ERP 9.

Select Company

After creating company, user can select a particular company from a list of companies created in Tally. This helps to select a company from the list of companies to work with.

Login as Remote User

If you have Tally .NET subscription you can work with a company located in remote computer with your login id and passwords using this option.


You can backup your data into USB Drive, CD or DVD and can carry with you. And even you can backup your company data in your computer local disk drive. Backup is nothing but storing your tally data in some other location.


If your data in tally is out-dated and the updated data is located somewhere else you can restore the data using this option. Restoring is nothing but replacing your existing data with the updated data or importing new company data.


If you want to quit from tally application you select this option. This is the common option available in every menu screen.

And this is not the end of this section. And some other options available when you see the Company Info menu after loading a company. It will be added with some extra options related to company. You learn about those company related options in the coming articles.

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