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How to create a Blog in Google Blogger for a free of cost?

Blog is nothing but a platform to share our knowledge, and information to the world, electronically. Google has designed a good platform for blogging named Blogger, which is a free Content Management System (CMS), where we can create, and manage the content.

How to create a Blog in Google Blogger for free of cost?
Google Blogger

In order to create a Blog in Google Blogger, person must have a valid Google Account. Here one must understand that Google Account is nothing but a Gmail Account (most of the people do not identify what is Google Account). So, if you have Gmail account then you can easily create your Blogger Account.

As soon as you create a Blogger Account it asks you to create a Blogger Profile to link it with your Blog Posts and even you can choose Google+ profile

In order to create a blog

  1. Open website.
  2. And enter your Google User ID and Password to login.
  3. Click on New Blog button to create your new Blog.
    • In the Create a new blog screen provide Title for your Blog which is the name of your blog e.g., AccountsGuy.Net.
    • In the Address field enter the url name for your blog eg.,
    • And choose any one of the Blog Templates from the list of Templates available below the Address field.
  4. And click on Create blog! Button.

In your Blogger home page you will find a new Blog has been created. This is how we can create a Blog in Google Blogger.

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