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How to Handle Bank Overdraft (OD) Account Ledger Issues in Tally ERP 9?

Tally ERP 9 supports to operate the transactions of various types of Bank Accounts like Current Account and Over Draft Accounts. Most of us know the procedure for entering transaction in Tally for Current and Savings Bank Accounts. But what's the matter about the Bank OD Account Payments and Receipts entry? How the Tally Software come to know that the Ledger is of Bank Open Cash Credit (OCC) Account, if we create a normal Bank Ledger and do the entries as we do?

How to Create Bank OD Ledger in Tally ERP 9

Why OD Account should not be created under Bank Account Group?

This question strikes for every one who wants to create a OCC Bank Ledger in Tally and simply takes the normal Bank Account Group from the list of Predefined Groups. Have you ever questioned yourself what the effect of your OD Bank Account in the Financial Statement? In fact the normal Bank Account ledger will be shown under the Current Assets in Balance Sheet, but where as the Over Draft Bank Account is not an Asset to the company it is a Liability to the company, upto what extent the amount has been used by the Enterprise for the specific period.

This Question was raised by +Karunakaran Narayan in Offline Chat Support on 20th January 2014. His Question was "Could you guide me how to pass the entries for bank overdraft account in tally. For Ex : Bank will provide OD Limit 2lakh"

Hence, we should not take the Bank Account Group and instead we must take the Bank OD A/c or Bank OCC A/c Group from the list of Predefined Groups. By doing so, your OD Bank Account Ledger will be shown under Loans (Liabilities) of Liabilities side in Balance Sheet of the Firm.

Bank Overdrat Account Ledger Creation

I hope you are familiar with Ledger creation in Tally, if not i recommend you to read How to create a Ledger in Tally article and come back for major alteration for making effect of Overdraft Account for your Bank Ledger.

While creating the ledger you have to select the Bank OD A/c or Bank OCC A/c Group from option Under and the rest of the options will same and no need to change.

Is there specific Voucher Types for Receipts and Payments of OD Account?

The answer is No. You can proceed with the as usual Voucher Types. If you to allow only OD Account should be selected for either payment or receipt then you have to create a User Defined Voucher Type. Otherwise everything is same with respect to normal Bank Ledger.

How to set Bank OD Limit for Ledger in Tally?

Really sorry to say that as per now there is no such facility provided by the Tally Software. Hence, we can't set the OD Limit for Bank Ledger in Tally ERP 9 Software. As +Karunakaran Narayan asked that his Bank sanctioned 2 Lakh limit for OD Account. It can't be set in Tally. And we hope this will be available in the next version of the Tally ERP 9.

Is shipment to any Village possible in India?

It is completed to communicate the business information with village people receding in hamlets and villages located in remote areas in India. These villages are unaware of the Technology available now a day to get the information through electronic mail (e-mail) with the help of Internet. Few of the business people would have dealers in these corners and want to expand their business with these people, but the communication is the main hindrance even though telephone communication establishes the starting up the relation but for promoting the products have to sent their Product catalogue, Discount Schemes on Seasonal Sales, Advance Booking etc.

Image: How to Find Exact PIN Code of a Village in India

Availability of Private Courier Service Providers would not be available in every nook and corner of our country as it is cost effective for them to establish infrastructure where no customers are available. Hence we need to go for the alternative solution that Indian Postal Service, with this we can send our Documents and Parcels to the hamlets, and villages where we can't get such service from the Private Courier Service Providers.

Indeed, i was in a situation to sent the Book Scheme documents to all the distributors, most of them are located in village areas. There is no service of DTDC or Professional, hence i had to send through Indian Postal Service. But, the insisted me for the PIN Code of the villages. This this procedure helped me a lot to finish the work.

PIN Code is Mandatory

In most of the Private Courier Service Provider PIN Code is not mandatory as they can recognize with District name, but where as if we sent through Indian Post then it is must to provide the PIN Code of the shipment destination. Why they ask the PIN Code? The answer is for swift delivery and accuracy of the delivery of shipment. If you are consigning to a rural area it quite mandatory to provide the PIN Code otherwise they would not book. Even they book there is no guaranty to trace out the address exactly.

How to Search the PIN Code - PINCode Search in India Post

Hence, we must search the PIN Code of the village. The Indian Postal Department has launched website portal page PINCode Search to track the PIN Code of your destination places and even the dispatching from place. You can search any area PIN Code of Indian Country from PIN Code Search Portal or even you can directly find this Tool in the Home page of the Indian Postal Website.

Suppose here i want to search for a village named Rajoli and i need the PIN Code for this purpose So here i am searching the PIN Code in India Postal website page IndiaPost.Gov.In/Pin/. And here you have three types of Searching facilities

Don't know Anything about the Location

If you have only the Village or City name and you have to find with that then the first screen will help you to find the PIN Code. When ever your enter the Name of the location it will show the list of Matched Post Offices against your criteria and corresponding PIN Codes and name of the District related to. But in some situations there might be more than one oven two places would be available across the country located in difference states or district. Then you would be in dilemma to know the exact match of your location then you have to go with the section search with the name of the District

Aware of District Name

If select the District option in the screen it will show you a Dropdown Box to select the District name in which it is available and search with the name of the place. Then you will get the exact PIN code. Even if you don't the the District Name and aware of the State located the final search option is explained below.

Aware of State Name

In the last case you can select State option to search your location PIN Code by selecting the State name from the Dropdown Box.

You can find the PIN Code of a village either directly from Google Search but it is recommended to go with the India Post website as it is reliable as the database is maintained by the Indian Government Department.

Effective usage of Tools in Blog Post Editor for Fast Editing

Drafting a Post in Blogger is quite simple as you typing the text in Text Editor Software. The Post Editor interface has provided a toolbar just above the Text Area, if you choose the Compose Mode of the Post Editor. Using this toolbar you can change the Font Type, Style and even color. This is the awesome to use this toolbar and the icons arranged in this will as simple as you a computer literate can remember to use. Let go through the Post Editor Toolbar available for better designing of your blog post.

Lest explain with an example Post Post to better understanding. Suppose you are started a Blog about Computer Fundamentals and you are writing an article about How to use Microsoft Work 2007 - Word Processor. And you want to make it stylish and attractive with few illustration and images. You are the beginner in Blogging and don't have knowledge of HTML as designing the text on the web is completely based on it. So, have to you the Post Editor Toolbar available in the Compose Mode. So, you can drafted a base content about the Microsoft Work 2007.

  1. Font Tools
  2. Text Tools
  3. Paragraph Tools
  4. HTML and Multimedia Tools
  5. Action Tools
  6. Grammar and Translation Tools

Font Tools

As soon as you the see the Toolbar you can find the several tools which are familiar to you which are similar to the Font Tools available in normal Text Editor Software. The first paragraph you have introduced about the Microsoft Product and its outline like Title Bar, Minimize, Maximize and Window Close buttons etc., and continues later on about Home, Insert and etc. Ribbons. To effect any change to the Text first you need to Select the respective text after that only you need to use the corresponding tools.

Font Type Tool

By default there is Times Font Type s applied to the entire text you want to apply Arial font type and this can be done using the Font tool. You can choose only any one of the default Font Types available in the list. If you select the Default Font the text will be applied with the Blog Default Template Font.

Font Size Tool

You wanted to make the starting character of the post to be bigger so you can make it using the Font Size Tool. You have choose any one of the five font sizes available in the editor such as smallest, small, normal, large, largest.

Font Format Tool

In you Blog Post you have explained about Ribbons and there are sub heading called Home Ribbon, Insert Ribbon etc., You have written few works about each Ribbon type and it would be marvelous to see you make the Home Ribbon, Insert Ribbons as Sub Heading in your blog that will distinguishes it from normal text in your blog. In that case you can use the any one of the three options available in Format Tool such Heading, Subheading, Minor heading.

Font Style Tools

In the sequence the next four tools are awesome to change the style of the font and you can easily get what each tool do. These are just like

  • Bold Tool which stresses the font in your content.
  • Italic Tool which slopes the test just right (Italicize the text).
  • Underline Tool which underlines a piece of text.
  • Strikethrough which overwrites a line on the text just like striking off the text.

Text Tools

After formatting the the text of the content you wanted to make the Home Ribbon and Insert Ribbons which are the Subheading of the Blog Post to be seen in Red Color so you can use the Text Color Tool to make the subheading in red color. And the background should be in Green and that can be done using the Text background colour Tool. These tools will change the color context of the post content.

HTML and Multimedia Tools


You are writing a Post about Changing the Text Design using Font Tools available in Microsoft Word 2007. Already you have article about this feature in another Blog Post How use WordPad. So, you realized that it would be better to navigate to that post when ever the visitor wants to know about it. Hence, this Add or Remove Link Tool will be used which is an Hyperlink.

Multimedia Tools

And you wanted to insert a snapshot of the Word 2007 in your blog post to better demonstrate about each Ribbon. Hence this Adding an Image or Video to your Blog Guide will help.

Paragraph Tools

Alignment Tool

You can align your Post Content in any one of the Alignment style like left, right, center, justify to better looking of the entire content in the browser using the Alignment Tool.

List Tool

You want to show the Number of Ribbons available in the start of the Blog Post so you can use the Number List or Bullet List Tool.

Quote Tool

And at the end of the post you wanted to write about you as an author of the post. And you want to make it different that all the other content in the post so you can use the Quite Tool.

Action Tools

This tool helps you to switch between the action done most recently either previous action or post action. To say simply in computer literacy these are Undo and Redo buttons which you see in your Text Editor software. The Remove Formatting Tool will erase the all the formatting design of the text like Font Type, Size, Style, Color, and Background Color.

Grammar and Translation Tools

This is simple to Grammar Checking tool available in Word Processor Software to check the grammar and spell checking and the translate tool will show you the similar meaning of the work in different languages.

And i will explain you about these the Image, Video, Grammar and Translation tools in detail in the next common blog post so stay tuned to my blog by signing on.