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Accounting Treatment for Computer Speaker in Tally ERP 9

Whenever a company purchases a Computer Peripheral such as Key Board, Mouse, or Speaker it can be treated as an addition to the Computer System or we can separately show it under Fixed Assets like Computer Peripherals. Both are allowed as per accounting.

Accounting Treatment for Computer Speaker in Tally ERP 9
Speaker Purchase entry in Tally ERP 9

If you have shown the Computer System under Fixed assets you can add the value of computer peripherals to the Computer System in the Balance Sheet. If there is such a Fixed Asset is not found in the Balance sheet it can treated as either Indirect Expense or a new Asset can be added to the Balance Sheet. In that case if the value of the Peripheral is of low value treat it Expense instead of showing under Fixed Assets.

General Accounting Treatment

Here i have Dell Laptop Inspiron in our Balance Sheet, so that i am just debiting the Asset ledger the entry will be like this.

 Dell Laptop Inspiron A/c Dr  800
  To Cash/Bank A/c   800

If you want to create a separate ledger for Computer Peripherals or an individual account then you can create a ledger with Computer Peripherals or Frontech USB JIL-3338 Speaker, which will be shown under Fixed Assets in the Balance Sheet.

Computer Peripherals/Frontech USB JIL-3338 Speaker Dr  800
 To Cash/Bank A/c     800

If you want to show it as expense as the value is very low you can debit the Printint & Stationery or someother such kind of ledger, which is suitable for that expense.

Printing & Stationery A/c Dr 800
 To Cash/Bank A/c  800

Accounting Treatment in Tally ERP 9

If you want implement in Tally ERP 9 Account Software Package you can create a separate ledger with Computer Peripherals under Fixed Assets group head, hence, it will be shown under Balance Sheet. Otherwise you can directly increase the Computer Systems if already exists.

And come to the Voucher Entry you can use Payment Voucher Entry if you are making payment through cash or bank or Journal Voucher if you get it on credit.

How to record and display Cash Denomination in Tally ERP 9

In retail and wholesale marketing sector, inflow and outflow of cash will take a major role and even it is very important to manage denomination of cash deposited into Bank Account. There would be situation, where we need to track the record of past few day’s cash deposits and denomination to consolidate against the cash sales. And now this has been simplified by the Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software.

How to record Cash Denomination in Contry Voucher entry in Tally ERP 9
Recording Cash Denomination for Cash Deposit in Bank Account in Tally ERP 9

This cash management software helps to record the Cash Denomination while depositing the Cash into the Bank Account. We can record the cash denomination only when we deposit cash into Bank Account.

How to record Cash Denomination in Tally ERP 9

So, in order to do choose Accounting Vouchers from Gateway of Tally screen

  1. Press F4 Key to choose the Contra Voucher Type for recording the Cash deposit.
  2. Press F12 Key to configure the Contra Voucher Type.
    • In the Voucher Configuration screen set Yes for Show Cash Denomination Details field.
    • Save the Voucher Configuration.
  3. Record the cash transaction in the Contra Voucher e.g. 5000 cash deposit.
  4. After completed the selection of appropriate ledgers, enter the amount of cash transaction. Then you will see Bank Allocation for screen.
    • Press Backspace key and choose Cash from the List of Transaction Types for Transaction Type field.
    • Enter the amount of Cash transaction in Amount field.
    • Thereafter, it will prompt the Cash Denomination where you need to fill the fields of cash denomination.

Accept all the screens to complete the Cash Deposit transaction.

How to display the Cash Denomination in Tally ERP 9

In future if you want to verify the cash denomination of any particular cash deposit transaction for cash denomination.

  1. Just open the Cash Ledger or Bank Ledger Vouchers.
  2. Move to the specific Contra entry
  3. Press Alt + Enter Key to open the entry in Voucher Display mode.
  4. And press Alt + F1 Keys in view the entry in detailed view.

There you will find the Denomination details of the Cash Deposit. And this is how we can record and display the Cash Denomination of the cash deposited into Bank in Tally ERP 9.

How to audit VAT Purchases and VAT Sales in Tally ERP 9

After we have recorded the VAT Purchases and VAT Sales we need to audit the voucher entries against the physical documents in order to submit the VAT Returns accurately to the Sales Tax Department. So, to do this Tally Solutions has set a Register called VAT Register where all the Tax Invoices will be found in a single place.

How to generate VAT Purchases Report in Tally ERP 9
VAT Purchases Report is generate in Tally ERP 9

If you are handling your Books Accounts manually then you need to gather all your Invoices before calculating the VAT amount. If you are handing that in Tally ERP 9 it will calculate automatically, so it is better to check the Invoices in Tally ERP 9 against the physical Invoices.

In Tally Accounting Software the VAT Register holds all the Invoice details like Supplier or Customer details, Invoice Amount along with Assessable Value and VAT Values. So, let us start to audit the Invoices in Tally ERP 9 using VAT Register.

  1. Load your Company where you have configured VAT and recorded the Taxable Voucher entries.
  2. Select Display under Reports from Gateway of Tally.
  3. Statutory Reports
  4. VAT

In the VAT Register menu you can find the two sets of options to audit the VAT Purchases and VAT Sales. In order to verify the VAT Purchase entries choose the VAT Purchases option and to check the VAT Sales entries choose the VAT Sales options against the documents individually bill by bill.

If you have selected either VAT Purchases or VAT Sales in the VAT Register menu you will find the following details of the Purchase or Sale Invoices.

  1. Date of the Voucher Entry.
  2. From whom purchased, or to whom stock sold will be shown under Particulars.
  3. If the Inventory is enabled Quantity of the transaction will be shown.
  4. Total Invoice Amount.
  5. Assessable Value of the invoice.
  6. If any expenditure entered against the invoice it will be shown under Addl Cost.
  7. What is the Tax percent rate of the Invoice will be shown under VAT/TAX Class.
  8. VAT amount of the invoice will be shown under Tax Amount.

Now verify the entries bill wise against the Physical Invoices if any deviation found in the entry go the particular record and press Enter Key using the keyboard. In the Accounting Voucher Alteration (Secondary) screen effect the changes and accept the screen.

Note: If you want to know in detail press ALT + F1 Keys using keyboard or click on F1: Detailed button in Button Area.

How to reset Income Tax e-Filing Password with Forgot Password option

Filing Income Tax returns through Online is simple and easiest way. And most of the Assessees just opens their e-filing Account just one a year at the time of e-Filing their Income Tax returns. Few of them could forget their password to login. They can create a new password with Forgot Password feature.

How to Reset a new Password for Income Tax e-Filing Account
Reset Password in Income Tax efiling website

In order to create a New Password for your Income Tax e-Filing Account just open the Income Tax eFiling website. In the website

  1. Just click on Login Here button.
  2. In the Login screen click on Forgot Password? link provided

How to create New Password for Income Tax e-Filing Account with Secret Question and Answer

If you got stuck just directly open the Forgot Password Hyperlink from here only. When you click on Forgot Password link you will see the Reset Password wizard. In the wizard

  1. Type your PAN Card Number without spaces in the User ID field.
  2. And enter the Captcha Code as it is shown in the image in the Enter the number as in above image field (If you are unable to see the code properly in the image just press the Refresh button next to the field) And click on Continue button.
  3. In the next screen choose the Answer Secret Question option from the drop down menu and click on Validate button.
  4. Enter the Date of Birth if the assessee is an Individual or Date of Incorporation if in case of a Firm in the Date of Birth/Incorporation (DD/MM/YYYY) field the specified format e.g. 01/07/1976.
  5. Choose your Secret Question from the drop down menu.
  6. Provide exact answer for the secret question in the Secret Answer field. This field is case-sensitive e.g. mother is different from Mother or MOTHER. And click on Validate button.

If the details you have provided are correct then you will the Change Password screen. There create a new password for your Income Tax e-Filing Account and remember it to login again to your account. And this is how we can create a New Password through Forgot Password process.

Can we maintain two different TIN, CST Numbers in Tally, if State divided

Recently Andhra Pradesh State has been divided into Telangana State and Residuary Andhra Pradesh State governments and TIN Numbers also changed. Earlier the TIN Number was starting with 28 but after June 2 of 2014 year the TIN Number for Telangana state starts with 36 where as for Residuary Andhra Pradesh state it is 37. Now Tally ERP 9 accounting software enables to maintain both Old and New Sales Tax Numbers for the TIN Dealers.

How to add Old and New CST and TIN Numbers in Statutory & Taxation of a Company
Old and New TIN and CST Numbers are added in Tally ERP 9

In Tally we can store the TIN Numbers for both current period and prior to June 2 of 2014 in case of Andhra Pradesh State bifurcation. In case of other states the prior date will changes as per the formation of the new state.

Tally supports to keep the track of Old as well as New TIN Numbers if the dealer residing in the State got divided. We can record the TIN Numbers in two levels

  1. At Company Level
  2. At Ledger Level

And let us see how we can do this in Tally at Company Level as well as at Ledger Level.

How to record Old as well New TIN and CST Numbers for Company in Tally ERP 9

We can update the TIN and CST Numbers of a firm using Statutory & Taxation Feature of the Company. Prior to that the Company must have selected a State which has newly formed or left after divided, after that only we can see this option to add the Old as well New Sales Tax Numbers for the Company in Statutory & Taxation feature screen.

You must choose the divided state to add the Old and New TIN Numbers in Tally ERP 9
Andhra Pradesh divided State is selected in Company Alteration screen for adding Old TIN Number along with New one.

Therefore, alter your company Mailing & Contact Details section with the State if the state is not selected. Here i have chosen the Andhra Pradesh state which left out after Telangana divided on 2nd June of 2014.

Now try to update the Statutory & Taxation settings of the company using the Company F11: Features button. Then you will see the two fields for VAT as well for CST Number fields under Tax Information section.

  1. Enter the Current TIN number of the firm in the VAT TIN field e.g. 37654648788.
  2. Enter the Old TIN Number of the firm in the VAT TIN (prior to 2-june-2014) field e.g. 28654648788.

Likewise add the CST Numbers as well in the corresponding CST Number fields. Here TIN Number was starting with 28 for Andhra Pradesh state before bifurcation it starts with 37.

How to record Old as well New TIN and CST Numbers for Sundry Creditor or Debtor Ledger in Tally ERP 9

We can also record the Old as well New TIN and CST Numbers of the divided states of the Supplier as well of the Customer in the Books of Accounts in Tally software. If the Supplier of the firm is located in a State which recently got divided and formed newly state will get a New TIN Number like Telangana state formed by dividing from Andhra Pradesh state. So, in that case we need to maintain the TIN Numbers of the Supplier both old as well new until the Books are audited.

Let us try to do this for the Sundry Creditor who is located in Hyderabad whose Old TIN number was starting with 28 but after June 2 of 2014 it starts with 36.

Open the Sundry Creditor or Debtor Ledger in Ledger Alteration mode.

  1. Under Mailing Details section choose Telangana for State field.
  2. After that type Yes for Set/Alter VAT Details? field under Tax Information section.
    • Here enter the Current TIN Number in TIN/Sales Tax No. field.
    • And enter the Old TIN Number in TIN/Sales Tax No. (Prior to 2-June-2014) field.
    • Do the same thing for CST Number fields.
  3. Accept and save the Ledger details.
How to add Old and New TIN Numbers of a Ledger in Tally ERP 9
Adding Old and New TIN and CST Numbers in Ledger in Tally ERP 9

And this is how we can record the Old as well New TIN and CST Numbers; of a Firm in its Company Statutory details section; as well of its Dealers and Suppliers TIN and CST Numbers in the Ledger Alteration screen.

How to record Purchase Return with Input VAT in Tally ERP 9

We can record the Purchase Returns with VAT in Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software with the help of Debit Note Voucher by taking the Purchase Returns @ 5% and Output VAT @ 5% ledgers for the computation of VAT in the Books of Accounts.

How to record Purchase Returns with VAT in Tally ERP 9
Purchase Return entry with Input VAT @ 5% in Tally ERP 9

In order to start recording the Purchase Return transaction using the Debit Note Voucher Type for Purchase Returns with VAT first we need to create the Purchase Return Ledger with VAT configuration in order to account it for VAT computation.

For the demo purpose here I have created the Purchase Returns @ 5% ledger for recording the Purchase Returns that comes under 5% VAT/Tax Class.

As similar to the VAT Purchase entry here also we need to consider the Assessable value and VAT value of the Debit Note. So, enter the Assessable amount in the Purchase Returns @ 5% ledger field and VAT amount in the Input VAT @ 5% ledger field. Here I have already created the Input VAT @ 5% Ledger under Duties & Taxes group and configured the VAT for Output VAT ledger.

Here you can use the Purchase @ 5% VAT ledger also instead of Purchase Returns @ 5% ledger and it will show the similar effect in the VAT Computation Report.