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How to know PAN Card details with Date of Birth and Surname?

In Income Tax Department e-Filing website we can trace out the PAN details like PAN Card Number, Name of the holder. In India anyone can get the PAN details of an Assessee without knowing the PAN Card Number, but we must know few details of the PAN Card Holder to know it.

How to know Pan Card details in Income Tax e-Filing website.
Know PAN Card Details in Income Tax e-Filing website

It is very helpful tool for Auditors and Accountants to know the PAN Card number and Jurisdiction of the Assessee. Even for those who have applied for the PAN Card can know the PAN Card number with this tool even they have not yet received the PAN Card physically. For those who have applied for a New Pan Card at the time of Accounts Auditing it is an awesome tool to know as they are hurry for filing their IT returns.

So, let us see how we can get the PAN details in the Directorate of Income Tax e-Filing website without any restrictions.

  1. Browse the e-Filing website.
  2. Hold the mouse curser over the Tax Payer link under I Am…
  3. And click on Individual / HUF hyperlink.
  4. Click on Services menu.
  5. And choose the Know Your PAN submenu link.
  6. In the Know Your PAN wizard screen
    • Enter the Date of Birth of the assessee if he is an Individual or Date of Incorporation if he is other than individual in the specified format in the Date of Birth/Incorporation (DD/MM/YYYY) field e.g.01/07/1976.
    • Enter the surname of the Assessee in the Surname field.
  7. Enter the above details as they were entered in the PAN Card application when applied for PAN Card.
  8. Enter the Captcha Code as it was shown in the Image in the Enter the number as in the image * field and click on Submit button.

If we have provided the accurate details we will see the following PAN details of the assessee.

  1. PAN Card Number
  2. First and Middle Name of the PAN Card holder.
  3. Income Tax Ward Number under which jurisdiction it is registered.
  4. Whether it is under Active or Inactive state.

It is how we can know the above PAN details with the help of Know Your PAN tool available in the Directorate of Income Tax e-Filing website using the Date of Birth and Surname of the PAN Card Holder.

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Get your pan status detail by know your pan to be aware with your pan card.

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