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How to Track the status of newly applied PAN Card Application?

After a Person or a Company applied for the PAN Card either from NSDL or UTIITSL Organization, he will get the PAN Card within 20 to 35 working days. After about 15 days he can track the status of his PAN Card Application from the concerned website that he applied for.

How to Track the status of newly applied PAN Card Application?
PAN Card Application Status

As we earlier discussed about How to Apply for PAN card?, there are two different organizations are available in India for applying a PAN Card. They are NSDL and UTIITSL. Both the companies providing the online facility for searching the status of the PAN Card application.

How to Track PAN Card application status at NSDL website?

In order to search the application status at NSDL website the applicant must has apply for the PAN Card through NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited and he must have the Acknowledgement Number or at least the Name and Date of Birth of the Applicant. In order to know the status of your application open the website

  1. There find the Know status of your PAN Application hyperlink and click on it.
  2. In the Track your PAN/TAN Application Status screen select the PAN – New/ Change Request option from Application Type dropdown list.
  3. Enter your Application Number / Acknowledger number in the Acknowledgment Number field. If you do have lost the slip you can select the Name radio button and provide the applicant Name and Date of Birth of the Applicant.

After that just click on Submit button and then you will find the status of your PAN Card Application whether it is dispatched or under process.

How to Search PAN Card application status at UTIITSL website?

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited is also providing the search facility for PAN Card application status. If you have applied for New PAN Card from UTIITSL Agents you can search the status from UTIITSL website. In order to search for PAN application status, open the website

  1. Go to Services menu > Pan Card > Track your PAN Card link.
  2. In the Search screen select New Application (F49a) option from Selection Application Type dropdown list.
  3. In your PAN Card application acknowledgement slip you can find your Coupon Code just enter that coupon code in Coupon Number field.
Find here the PAN Card Application Coupon code to search at UTIITSL website.
Coupon Code to search for PAN Card Status at UTIITSL

And click on Submit button. And you will find out the complete information about the application including the Consignment number dispatched. You can open the Indian Post Department website to now the status of the Consignment. And you can search the consignment status at the Indian Postal Department website.

And this is how to search for the status of Newly Applied PAN Card Application either it is applied from NDSL or UTIITSL.

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