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How to change Language and User Setting of Google Blogger Account?

A Blogger can change the setting of his account at Google Blogger. Once you have registered at Google Blogger you can change the Blogger Language and User Setting from Blogger Dashboard screen.

How to change Language and User Setting of Google Blogger Account?
Blogger Account Language changed

How to change the Blogger Language in your Account?

Anyone can work with Google Blogger in one of the 62 languages supported by the website. Apart the English Language it allows its user to change his Blogger Language to his native Language like Chinese, French, Hindi, Telugu etc., So, when you change the language of the Blogger Account from default language English (United States) to your native language all the Text that you see in your Blogger Account will be translated to your Native Language instead of English.

For instance in the image you can see that all the Text displayed in the National Language of India i.e., Hindi Language, because i have changed the Blogger Language to Hindi. So, after that all the text will be displayed in Hindi Language except

  • The Blog details like Title, Description and other details that i have entered in the Blogs and the User details.
  • The Blog Post Title, Description, Content, Labels, url, etc.,

In order to change the Blogger Language just login to Google Blogger Account and click on Language button (dropdown button) available in top right corner in the User’s Blogs section in Dashboard

  1. In Google Blogger Dashboard just click on English (United States) dropdown button in right side corner.
  2. Then you will see the list of supporting Languages of Google Blogger. Choose any one of the languages from the list.

As soon as you select a language from the list you will see your Blogger Account in your Language. All the Blog pages and sections of your Account will be displayed in that particular language, until you revert back to the English Language.

How to change User Settings in Blogger

Apart that you can find out a Gear button beside the Language button, using which you can get

  1. Basic help guide of the Blogger platform by choosing the Blogger help button.
  2. You can send your feedback about the Blogger platform to the Blogger Team by choosing the Send Feedback button.
  3. You can get the updates from the Blogger by changing the User setting by choosing the Edit User Settings button.
  4. If you are you are using the Google+ as your Blogger profile you can revert back to the old Blogger Profile by choosing the Revert to Blogger profile button.

And this is all about how to change the Blogger Language and User Setting at Google Blogger Dashboard.

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Amrita Sabat said...

Each word getting converted to native language can b a prob..

Venkkatesh K said...

You can revert back to English Language whenever you want.

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