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How to remove a Blog or Website from Reading List in Google Blogger?

In order to remove or unfollow a Blog from your Blogger Account go to the Reading List section in the Blogger Dashboard and click on Manage Reading List gear button in Manage Blogs I’m following screen click on the Settings hyperlink pertaining to the particular blog which you want to remove and click on stop following this blog hyperlink.

How to remove a Blog or Website from Reading List in Google Blogger?
Remove Blog from Blogger Dashboard

In the Reading List section of your Blogger Dashboard, we can add a Favorite Blog or Website to get the updates from the Blog or Website. When we do not want to get any updates from the Website or Blog in our Blogger Account we have to Unfollow the Blog or Remove it from the Reading List.

To remove a Blog or website from the Reading List in Blogger Dashboard just login to your Blogger Account and you will find the Blogger Dashboard. In the Dashboard move the Reading List where you can find your Favorite Blogs added.

  1. Click on the Manage Reading List button (Gear Button) in right side of the Reading List section.
  2. In the Manage Blogs I’m Following screen click on the Settings hyperlink belongs to a particular Blog or Website Title.
    • If you have followed the Blog publicly using your email ID, just login with your email id and click on the Stop Following this site hyperlink and confirm the action.
    • If you have followed the Blog Publicly as Anonymous mostly probably you can not unfollow a blog as I faced an error while I was removing a blog from Reading List If any get the solution for this kindly comment in this blog post.

Now the Blog or Website will be no more seen your Reading List section and this is how to remove or unfollow a blog or website from your Reading List in your Blogger Account.

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