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An introduction about QuickBooks Online (QBO) User Interface!

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a Could Accounting Software meant for small business people and it is purely web based accounting software where the Books of Accounts can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

An introduction about QuickBooks Online (QBO) User Interface!
QuickBooks Online Interface

In order to Record the Books of Accounts in the QuickBooks Online, one can avail this service by paying subscription fee at QuickBooks Online website. The Intuit provided the Trail period for the fresh registered user for a couple of days. If the user is satisfied by using the QuickBooks Online Software wan can proceed to pay the monthly or annual subscription fee to proceed with.

When you registered at QuickBooks Online you will be provided with a valid User ID and Password to access your Books of Accounts and to work with the QBO software. When you login to your Account at QuickBooks Online software in the Webs Browser you will see a screen similar to the above picture.

The home page of your QuickBooks Online software will contain the following areas to work with.

  1. Working Area or Main Area
  2. Left side Navigation Menu
  3. Quick Create Button
  4. Tools and Settings

And let us understand each and every section of the QuickBooks Online interface in detail.

Working Area or Main Area

The central point of the QuickBooks Online software is meant for Recording the Books of Account and generating the Reports. In the Home you will find the name of the Company, Summary report of the Income, Expenditure, Profit & Loss Accounts, apart that you can find out the Cash and Bank Balances at Bank Accounts and recent activities of the Company.

Left side Navigation Menu

The option available in the left side of the screen is called as Lift Side Navigation Menu meant to navigate to different segments of the software. Using this navigation menu you record and alter the transactions related to Clients, Suppliers, Employees, and some other transactions. The Reports menu will take you to the Reports screen where you can generate different kinds of report of the Books of Accounts.

Quick Create Button

At the top of the screen you will find the Plus (+) symbol using which you can quick create List of Clients, Suppliers, Employees, and Record the business transactions.

Tools and Settings Button

The Tools and Settings button is available in top right side corner which is seen with the Company Name. Using this Button the user can manage and change the settings of the Company, Audit, Reconcile, and Import the Data. Apart that there are some other features are provided in this Button, about which we will discuss in more detail in the coming blog posts.

Using these Buttons, and Tools we can work with QuickBooks Online Software and this all about introduction about QuickBooks Online (QBO) interface and working with the QuickBooks Online.

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