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What is a Desktop in your Personal Computer, Laptop, or Ultrabook?

When we start our Personal Computer or Laptop we will be seeing a Graphical Representation screen, which contains a number of items arranged on it in a series and a Horizontal Bar arranged in the Bottom of the screen. This screen is called Desktop and this is the first screen that everyone would see when a Computer Starts.

What is a Desktop in your Personal Computer, Laptop, or Ultrabook?

In the Windows based Operating System every Graphical represented screen having a specific design and name. And likewise the starting screen got the Desktop name. Because it resembles like a Desk where the Files and Folders are arranged on it hence, it is called as Desktop.

The Desktop will be having the three different parts which are discussed in more detail below


The flat surface is an empty place where we can put the files and folder for faster access. It will contain the following default Icons (the items arranged on the Surface area of the Desktop are called as Icons).

  • Computer
  • Recycle Bin and
  • User Files

In addition to that we can add some other default Icons, Files and Folders on the Desktop.

Start button

At the bottom left corner you can find a Windows Logo, which is called as Start button. You can start with computer using this Start button. You can access anything directly from this Start button even to Log Off or Shut Down the Computer you can use this Start button.


Beside the Start button you can find a long horizontal bar which is called as Taskbar. Whatever the activate doing by the User in his Computer that will be shown in the Taskbar. As the bar contains the Task of the Computer User it will be called as Taskbar.

Show Desktop button

Apart all the other things you will find an extra button at the bottom right corner which is called as Show Desktop. When you click it all the applications will be minimized and the Desktop will be shown to the Computer User.

And these are the major components shown in your Computer Desktop.

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