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An introduction about Google Adsense and its History

Google Adsense is kind of the Advertising program run by the Google Inc., for the Blogger and Webmasters. It display the Ads in the web browsers and it charges from the advertisers when a particular action is performed

An introduction about Google Adsense and its History

Google Adsense is an Online Advertising Program run by the Google Inc., for the Web Publishers and Webmasters to put the ads or advertisements in their Websites or Blogs. Earlier it was only supported by the Google Network of Content sites like Google Blogger but now it is supported by the other than Google Network sites also like Wordpress.

It is an Online Advertisement type of service where the Ads are gathered from the Advertisers across the world in the name of AdWords and distributes the ads to the Publishers through its Adsense program. Through this program; Text, Image, Video or Interactive Media Advertisements are published in the websites or Blogs of the Adsense Account Users.

An Overview of Google Adsense

When a User searches for a query in the Google Search Engine he will get a bunch of results for his query. When he opens a particular link from the result he will be navigated to a particular Website or Blog where the required content is published.

In the particular Blog he can read the content along with that he would see the advertisements relevant to the user’s Content, Geographical Location and other factors. So, here the Google Adsense is playing a mediator role between the Advertisers (Google AdWords) and Website Publishers or Webmasters through Cost per Click method. Most of the Publishers monetize their Blogs and Websites with Adsense ads.

History about Google Adsense

Indeed, the word Adsense was originally used by Applied Semantics, a competitor to Google Adsense, which was started in 1998 by Gilad Elbaz and Adam Weissman. Google started Content Targeting Advertisement program in March 2003 which is the earlier name of the Adsense program. In April 2004 Google has adopted the Applied Semantics.

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