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How to configure settings for a Blog in Google Blogger?

After a Blog has been created in Google Blogger website we have to configure the settings of the blog to proceed with the Blog Designing and Drafting the posts in the blog. The Google Blogger has provided Settings Tab which having various sections to configure the different elements of your Blog.

How to configure settings for a Blog in Google Blogger?
Settings Tab in Google Blogger

In Google Blogger Settings Tab is the last Tab in the series of Blog Tags shown in the left side. When you select the Settings tab you will see the Basic section page and other settings related to your blog and sub tabs will be displayed below the Settings tab.

You can configure the settings of your from Basic settings like Title and Description of the Blog to Search Engine Setting like Custom redirections. And let us see each and every section page available in the Settings Tab.

Basic Settings

When we start a blog first we have to provide an effective Title and Description for the Blog. For this we have the Basic section page in Settings Tab and this is the default section in the Settings Tab. Apart that we can configure the Privacy, Publishing, and Permission settings.

Posts and Comments Settings

After we have set the basic configuration for the blog we have to set the configuration for the Blog Posts and Comments. Using the Posts and Comments section page we can configure that how many Blog Posts should be displayed in the Home Page, Label Page and Search Pages of your blog. Even you can set either to show the Comments widget in your Blog or not. If yes how would you like to display in your Blog Page can be configured here.

Mobile and Email Settings

The Content Management System of Google Blogger has designed to publish the Blog Posts directly from your Mobile Device or even by email. Using the Mobile and email section page you can enable this feature.

Language and formatting Settings

We can draft blog posts in different languages supported by the Google Blogger and we can set a default language to use along with English language in Blogger Draft Editor. And even we can set the time zone and date format for the date element shown in the blog post and comment section in your Blog. And we can set this feature over here in Language and formatting section page.

Search preferences Settings

Using the Search Preferences section page we can set Page Redirections and Errors page for your blog if some blog posts or blog pages are missing.

Other Settings

You can use the Other section page to set the other settings related to your blog like Site Feed settings, either your blog is Adult content type or not etc.,

And this is all about the Settings tab available in your Blog at Google Blogger. So, complete this part in your Blog before you proceed to Blogging in Google Blogger.

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