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How to download and prepare C Form Utilisation Template Excel File?

In order to request for the Statutory C Forms the VAT Dealer must submit the CST Purchases against C Form details through a C Form Template excel file at VAT Dealer e-Returns portal of Andhra Pradesh Commercial Tax Department website. In the file the VAT Dealer must mention the invoice details quarter wise in a Year.

How to download and prepare C Form Utilisation Template Excel File?
Download Utilisation Template File

As and when you have the sufficient balance in your VAT Dealer Account for obtaining the Online Statutory Forms you can upload the C Form Utilization file in the e-Returns Portal of the VAT Dealer which contains the details of CST Purchase details.

So, the VAT Dealer has to download the C Form Template File and prepare the Template File. There are numerous websites showing the links to download the Utilization Template file but it is recommended to download the Utilization Template file directly from the Commercial Taxes Department website.

And here I am demoing you the process of downloading the C-Form Utilization Template file.

  1. Login to your e-Returns Portal
  2. Put the cursor over CDSC Help/Templates.
  3. And click on C Form Template and save the file in your Computer Hard Disk or any Removable Storage devise.

In order to fill the Utilization Template file keep all the Inter-State Purchases Against Form-C invoices with you and open the C Form Utilization file downloaded earlier. On the top left corner in that Excel file you can find Purchaser TIN for that enter your TIN number. For Quarter select the corresponding range of months from the list. And for Year enter the year of invoicing mentioned in the collected Invoices. After that you need to record each invoice in a new row.

Completed C Form Utililzation Template File Image
C Form Utilization Template File
  1. SL.No must start with 1 and should be increased by 1 for every new record.
  2. Type the supplier details like TIN Number, Name, and Addresss in the corresponding columns.
  3. Enter the transportation details like Vehicle No and Transporter Name in the subsequent columns.
  4. Later furnish the Invoice Number and Date of Invoice.
  5. Select the Commodity and Units of Measurement from the list and enter total Quantity of the products and Value of the Invoice.

While updating the Utilization file keep in mind the formats of Purchaser TIN, Seller TIN, Invoice Date, Quantity and Value. We have a list of completed each Quarter file download links in C Form Utilization Template File Collection. And this is how to download and prepare the C Form Template Files from Andhra Pradesh Commercial Tax Department website.

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Venkkatesh K said...

Hi Visitors,

If some one find the error message : "You have not registered in CST Act for the selected commodities in the excel file" while uploading the C Form Utilization file in the CDSC portal it means that specific commodity mentioned in the Excel file don't entered in your TIN Certificate i.e. VAT Certificate. You can find the list all commodities available for CST Act at the end of the certificate.

Prasad Bobby said...

What is the difference b/w C-Form generation and C-Form utilization certificate. Are they both the same?

Venkkatesh K said...

Mr. Prasad Bobby,

Earlier VAT Dealers used to obtain the Blank Manual C Forms from the CTO. Later based on the CST Purchases the VAT Dealers used to issue the Manual C Forms to the Sellers. After issuing the C Forms the VAT Dealer must submit the C Form Utilization Certificate to the CTO.

But right now this procedure is removed and the Online System is introduced for issuing the C Forms and this is called the C Form Generation.

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