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How to rectify C Form Utilization File uploading errors?

In order to prepare the C Form Utilisation Template File we have to following the guidelines of the Excel Template file. If the data is not feed as per the rules of the Excel file it can not be uploaded to the CDSC at e-Returns Portal of Andhra Pradesh Commercial Tax website.

How to rectify C Form Utilization File uploading errors?
Rectifying Uploading Errors while Uploading C Form Utilization Template File

Some of the rules of the C Form Utilisation Template Files are Date and TIN Number formats. In some other cases we will be in dilemma when we do not have the exact information about Transportation, Commodity details like no vehicle number provided, no transporter name given.

You would get some problems while attempted to upload the Template file and here I have written some points to keep in mind while preparing the C Form Utilisation Template File.

Never change pre-defined content in the C Form Utilisation Template File

You are not allowed to change any content that is already present in the C Form Utilization Template file that you have downloaded. If any changes are done it will not be processed by the website but you can change the name of the file. By default the file name will be C_Form_Utilization_Template and you can change it to as you wish like Raj and Co., - Q1 (2012).

Trying to enter TIN number starts with zero in the C Form Utilsation Template File

When you enter the Supplier TIN number in Seller TIN column that starts with zero (0) the starting zero will be removed. Every TIN number must consist of only 11 digits is should neither exceed nor reduce. In that case enter the TIN number preceding with a Single Quotation ( ' ) special character from the keyboard and don't enter 2 single quotations.

Only select from list when comes to the List Cells

In the case of Quarter and Commodities you are not advised to enter your own matter instead you are strictly advised to select the matter from the List.

TIN number is of Head Office and Invoice received from Branch

In that case you are simply advised to type whatever the address printed in the place of Seller irrespective of the Head Office address.

I have written few of the tips to prepare the C Form Utilisation Template File if you are having any additional you can share it in the Comment section.

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