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How to design your Blog with more Gadgets in Google Blogger?

Gadgets are tools to design your Blog more interactive with the Readers. Google Blogger has provided the Gadgets to design the Blog even more interactive and beautiful. If you are blogging with the intention of flooding more readers to your blog then you need to concentrate on making them fan of your blog.

How to design your Blog with more Gadgets in Google Blogger?
Gadgets in Google Blogger

It is good idea to show case some latest updates of your Blog to the Readers; apart Publishing the interactive Blog Posts. So, you need to Design your Blog with some other content like displaying Hyperlinks of the Most visited posts and latest posts, So that the readers will be reading more and more posts with these links.

It is not possible for all to design a blog with the HTML Code from scratch, hence the Google Blogger has introduced Gadgets. You do not need any programming skills to add the Gadgets to your Blog. Using the Gadgets you can add some interesting information in your blog. To Add a Gadget to your blog

  1. Open the Overview screen of your Blog.
  2. On the left side select Layout tab which takes to Blogger Layout section.

You click on Edit link of the Gadget element and make the changes according to your wish. The settings will vary from a gadget to gadget as everyone if independent of other gadgets.

How to add a Gadget to your Blog?

If you want to add any new gadget to your Blog Template just click on Add a Gadget link and you will be prompted with a list Gadgets available in Blogger. Gadgets will be of two types Basic Gadgets and More Gadgets.

  1. Go through the list of gadgets.
  2. Click on Plus (+) sing or Title of the Gadget.
  3. Change the Title of the Gadget.
  4. Alter the setting for the gadget like Text font, color etc.
  5. Finally, click on Save button to add the gadget to your template.

And let see some of the Basic Gadgets for your blog to add

  • Search Box will helps the blog visitors to search for a blog post in your blog or in entire web.
  • Profile gadget will show the owner as well as authors profile links.
  • in HTML/Javascript gadget you can add any kind of HTML or Java Script code.
  • You can earn money by monetizing your blog and showing the Google Adsense Ads using Adsense gadget.
  • Google+ gadgets like +1 Button, Google+ Follows, Google+ Badge.
  • Translate gadget will translate your blog based on the language the visitor selects.
  • Follow by Email will flood the subscribers to your blog.
  • Popular Posts will show off the most popular posts in your blog.

Apart adding the pre-built gadgets you can design your own gadgets and add them to your blog. And this is how to add the Gadgets to the Google Blogger.

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