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How to earn money using Google Adsense with your Google Blogger?

It is happy news for the Bloggers; who use Google Blogger for publishing their articles, project updates and their knowledge; can Monetize their Blog with Google Adsense to start earning money from their Blog.

How to earn money using Google Adsense with your Google Blogger?
Monetize Blog with Google Adsense

For that all you need to have Google Adsense Account, and a good ranking Blog. A decade ago Google Adsense was accepting the invitations even from Bloggers who do not have their own Domain Address for their Blog.

Due to the Internet usage, awareness about this program has spread across the World and misuse of the Adsense Account by the Free Bloggers like in-valid clicks become headache to Google Adsense team. Therefore, Google Adsense has stopped the invitations from the Free Bloggers instead they are accepting only Publishers having their own Top level Domain name.

In some cases, Free Bloggers are getting approval from Google Adsense for monetizing their blog. But that happens in very rare case. So, my sincere advice is that Purchase a Domain Name for Google Adsense Approval which costs less than 10% of your total Adsense Income of your First Google Adsense Cheque. If you want to understand better about Top level Domain name and Free Blogger read our Top 3 Adsense Approval Tips.

In order to link your Google Adsense Account to Blogger to monetize your Blog

  1. Sing in to Blogger Account.
  2. Open your Blog from the list of the Blogs that you have created in Blogger Dashboard.
  3. Select the Earning option available on left side in the Blog's Overview Screen.
  4. Click on Sing up for Adsense button.

Upto now this is the same process for both existing and non-existing Adsense Publishers.

Associate your existing Adsense Publisher Account

If you want to associate your existing Adsense Publisher account you just

  1. Click Yes use button or having the Adsense Publisher account in different mail id.
  2. If blog is created in different mail id you can click Use a different or new Google Account button and sign in with Google Account credentials.
  3. In the next screen you need to select the Content Language of your Blog from the list and click on Accept Association button.

Accept with Continue button in the Congratulations screen which will take you to the Google Adsense Earning section in your blog.

If you do not have have Adsense Publisher Account

If you do not have any Adsense Account

  1. Click on Use a different or new Google Account button
  2. And complete the application and submit for the verification online.

You get an acknowledgement mail from Google Adsense team about the application for Google Adsense Publisher account in your email inbox. If you have any luck you will get an Activation Link through email from Google Adsense team after the acknowledgement mail, which would take 4 - 10 days.

How to display Adsense Ads in the Blog?

After successfully associating your Adsense Publisher account you can start displaying the Adsense Ads. You will see the Google Adsense screen in the Earnings section if the Adsense Account is Associated. In order to show the Adsense Ads

  1. Selecting Yes ration button for Show ads on blog
  2. And set the ads displaying location in your blog from Display list.

And this is how to monetize the Blog with Google Adsense Account and displaying the Ads in your Blog.

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