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How to fasten your work with Google Chrome Browser?

While surfing the net we may bookmark the important Blog Posts to read, Gadgets to buy from websites later, instead of searching them in the Search Engines when we want. And the Website Developers would try to understand the source code of the website HTML. If you have a lot of Bookmarks it is head-ace for one to use the mouse every time we want to get that webpage. Like this kind of works can be achieved using the Short Cut keys of the Google Chrome. Here i would like to share some of the basic Google Chrome Tips with you. It would help you while working in the Chrome Browser.

How to faster your work with Google Chrome Browser?

Find Short Cut Key

The most common thing everyone would want is finding some text in a particular webpage page. This is most fundamental thing to know. Chrome Developers have give the Ctrl + F for the task.

Keep Record of a website using Bookmarks

If you love a page and want keep record of the page for further reading you can Bookmark such a page in your Chrome browser. Just stick the Ctrl + D keys to bookmark a page.

Open a new Tab or Page

You can using the Ctrl + T for opening a Blank Tab from your current Tab itself, and Ctrl + N will take to the new Browser Window instead of the New Tab.

Chrome Menu

If you want make any changes to your Chrome Browser you can strike the Alt + F keys to open the Chrome Menu button.

Show or Hide Bookmark Bar

You can show or hide your Bookmark Bar using the Ctrl + Shift + B.

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