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How to add Google+ Profile Gadget in Google Blogger?

Google+ is the one of the services run by the Google and it has been incorporated in the Google Blogger. The Publisher can link up their Blog with the Google+ User Profile or Page Account. So, that the Blogger can add the Google+ related Gadgets to their Blog and even the Blog Post can be shares in the Google+ Page or Profile when it is published.

Image : Share After Posting in Google+ - Blogger
Google+ Settings in Blogger

Social Networks are playing a major role to propagate the information to a large group of people at a maximum extent. Google+ is also one of the Social Networks launched by the Google Inc.,. Google Blogger has integrated the Google+ in its service. The Blogger can add the Google+ Profile Gadget to their Blog and for that they have to

  1. Associate the Google+ Account with the Blog.
  2. And later they can Add the Gadget.

How to Associate the Google+ Profile or Page?

In order to create the Google+ Profile just sign in to with your Google Account, and come back to the Blogger Dashboard and select the Google+ in left side pane. You have choice to choose any one of the Google+ Pages (if you have created) otherwise your Google+ Profile will be associated with your specific Blog.

How to add the Google+ Gadget to your Blog?

It is not mandatory to associate your Google+ Profile or Page to your blog but it gives you the professional look to your blog and reduces your work while adding Google+ Gadgets to your blog. As i earlier told you about the Gadgets which will further frills your Blog to make good interaction with the Readers of your Blog. Google Blogger has came up with three different Google+ Gadgets.

  1. Google+ Followers Gadget will enable the visitors to directly follow you.
  2. using the +1 Button Gadget visitors will recommend the currently opened post content publicly.
  3. Google+ Badge is the combination of the above two features where the visitor can Follow as well as publicly recommend your Google+ profile or page.

In order to add the Google+ Gadget just click on add Gadget from Layout section.

Image : Google+ Followers Gadget - Blogger
Google+ Followers Gadget

Enable Automatic Share Feature of your Published Blog Posts

Associating your Google+ profile feature gives an additional feature to the publisher to directly sharing the published blog post in the associated Google+ Posts section. In the Google+ Settings page select Prompt to share after posting check box.

By associating the Google+ Profile or Page your Blog will look more professional and this is how to add the Google+ account with your Blog.

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